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growth rate of 6.97%, from retail sales of
$138.2 billion in 2019 to $207.1 billion by the
end of 2025, according to a May 2020 report
published by Knowledge Sourcing Intelligence.
Driving forces include economics, which has
more consumers cooking at home, as well
as consumers' growing interest in all things
culinary. Further fueling this growth is the
demand for natural, clean-label products, as
well as refrigerated, fresh products made with
ingredients found in "grandma's kitchen."
Millennials, in particular, are big users of
condiments. These self-proclaimed foodies are
more ethnically and racially diverse than any
previous generation, which drives their desire
for globally influenced flavors. Millennials
crave layers of flavors, especially when they
involve an element of surprise, such as sweet
with heat. Dressings, dips and sauces are
a convenient way to satisfy their insatiable
appetite for culinary adventure.

Many dairy-based condiments carry a healthful
halo, as dairy ingredients can be a source
of high-quality protein, healthful fatty acids
and the bone-building mineral calcium.
These nutrients add value, giving consumers
permission to indulge. They complement the
growing number of consumers making more
mindful food choices. Those who want to make
every bite count.
The COVID-19 pandemic is also making
shoppers more mindful about food costs,
but that does not translate to sacrificing
on quality. Formulators can elevate the
taste of dressings, dips and sauces while
decreasing costs and keeping a clean label
with the new line of Dairy-Based Natural
Flavors from Edlong, headquartered in Elk
Grove Village, Illinois. Sourced from real
dairy, these emulsions are produced using
natural fermentation. The line includes
authentic cheese, sour cream and buttermilk


Edlong - Dressings, Dips and Sauces

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