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when it comes to regional profiles, there
are distinct flavors that are desired and
sought after both in the region and globally.
So, there are big opportunities for food
manufacturers to leverage flavors while
satisfying regional taste preferences.
Take Cheddar cheese, whose history lies
in the village of Cheddar in the province of
Somerset, UK.
" Everyone knows that Cheddar is a
type of cheese. But Cheddar is based on
'Cheddaring,' which is a process of making
the cheese, giving it a dense layered
texture, " says Edlong's Master Flavorist
of Strategic Product Development, Rick
Schultz. " It's made from milk like all
cheeses, but it's really named more from the
process rather than the milk itself. "
Although it is a globally recognized cheese,
Cheddar has never received protected
designation of origin status. This has led to an
abundance of Cheddar cheeses in the global
market with many regional flavor differences
that suit local market taste preferences. For
example, a Cheddar from the U.S. will have a
different profile characteristic than one from
Mexico or the EU.
" There are many factors that influence the
flavor of cheese - the primary one being the
source of the milk, " Schultz says. " The cow's
diet has a big effect. The taste of milk from
cows eating grass or pasture is very different
from cows that have a diet of grain. If the
cheese is made with raw milk, it will be quite
different than cheese made with pasteurized
milk. Milk can also vary a bit between the
many different breeds of cattle. So, you
can see how there can easily be significant
differences in taste from around the world. "
Edlong's experts have extensive global
knowledge of the ever-growing Cheddar
cheese variants on the market - even down
to the differences that can be tasted as the
Cheddar itself ages. The company's global
team of sensory experts, R&D flavorists and
applications scientists have done extensive
research, putting their mastery of masking
and flavor layering to the test, and perfecting
the recreation of authentic regional dairy
taste profiles to unlock the true potential of
manufacturers' plant-based products.
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Edlong - Growing Your Plant-Based Business

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