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C Contents new twist to an old standard A nnovation no ttion ion an and hhealth alth lth are R T. D R. R.-T.-D. D. tea sa sales News Comment Sad tale of woe in fall from grace of pasta giant Story on P Page g 1 No one in food manufacturing, even hard-pressed competitors, likes to see a company fall from grace, and that is This Week's News 16 especially so for a business like the once Wells Fargo sees opportunity in food processing The company's success in its Kansas City office has it planning other expansions in Chicago and Atlanta. Based in California, Wells Fargo has worked in food and agriculture for 70 years and now sees opportunities in the heartland. 17 Earnings rise for Premium Standard Farms Increased productivity and lower feed costs lead to first-quarter net income of $15.4 million, a record for Premium Standard Farms as it reports its first financial results as a public equity company. proud American Italian Pasta Co. Now the subject of a review by governmental regulators and the target of numerous class action suits in the wake of revelations about financial results dating back several years, AIPC is more than just another company where things have gone badly or wrong. After all, this company not very long ago was cited as an example of how efficiency in food manu- 37 The seismic effects of sucralose facturing may be translated not just into Sweetener suppliers promote how their products may combine with sucralose impressive profitability but into building in applications to help food and beverage manufacturers reduce the amount of demand for a product like pasta. Indeed, AIPC was noteworthy for the high-intensity sweetener they need. how it built a foundation in food service and private label manufacturing, effecting a revolution in the structure 9 10 16 20 28 Editorial News Digest Business Washington Health & Wellness 37 38 39 49 54 New Ingredient Products of a mature industry. Management Who's Who gained admiration, if not affection, New Food Products for aggressiveness and creativity with wide ranging moves, including the Supplier Innovations opening of a plant in Italy, introducing Food Business in the News flavored pastas and moving steadily into the branded market. Its stumbles in branded pasta may be marked as a turning point, especially given Barilla's 20 Outlays on peanut program rising concurrent success in this segment. Record supplies and declining prices attract indicators point to a sharp turnaround attention. from the trough caused by low-carb diet- AIPC's troubles are peaking just as ing. Its share price collapsed coincident with the release of data showing durum 28 Fighting plaque on the front lines semolina production, the prime pasta Alternative sweeteners promote tooth decay creasing 12% over the same 2004 period. prevention. There's little solace for management or ingredient, in the first half of 2005 in- shareholders in that. FBN 4 August 23, 2005

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Food Business News - Aug 23, 2005