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Contents Diamonds in the rough News Comment Science is foundation of sound policy Sara Lee sees opportunities in its food businesses Science should be the only basis for food Story on Page 1 regulations. If the data for making a policy decision do not exist, or are at most anecdotal, then regulators should resist This Week's News 16 the temptation to act prematurely. McCormick's shares slide more than 12% The market reacts after the company says it now expects to earn $1.58 to $1.62 a share on the year, down from its previous guidance of $1.66 to $1.70 a share. McCormick will take a variety of actions to cut costs. 19 University of Florida launches distribution lab Scientists will conduct research and education on the entire food distribution chain, emphasizing perishable products. The researchers aim to help the industry adapt to radio frequency identification (R.F.I.D.) technology. One needs to look no further than the U.S. beef industry to see how policy decisions based on fear rather than science can devastate an entire market. Despite all that has been written about bovine spongiform encephalopathy (B.S.E.), little is known about the ailment. Nevertheless, policies were put in place to protect U.S. consumers. In the wake of finding three cattle 36 Flour technology powers whole grain shift in the U.S. during the past two years, Proprietary milling systems lead to white bread brands with whole grain traits. out of the 30-plus million slaughtered White pasta brands with whole grain traits may be coming soon, says Dun and thousands tested annually, the Gifford, president of The Whole Grains Council. U.S. finds itself trying to prove its beef supply is safe. With little data about B.S.E. available, it is proving to be a 9 10 16 20 22 26 36 38 39 49 54 Editorial News Digest Business Washington Health and Wellness Food Ingredient Solutions New Ingredient Products difficult problem that has cost the U.S. beef industry billions of dollars. Defendants in a California lawsuit Who's Who about acrylamide in potato products New Food Products (see related story on Page 20) find Supplier Innovations Food Business in the News themselves in a similar situation. The science assessing the health risks caused by acrylamide, a substance that is found naturally in some food products, is only now starting to emerge. Yet, California's 17 attorney general wants the defendants in Smithfield 1Q income down the case whose products contain acryl- The company's beef and international business amide to post warnings on product labels segments were impacted by export market closings and or the premises where they are sold. a temporary plant shut down. It is the mission of state and federal regulators to protect consumers. But 20 Warnings for acrylamide sought The Grocery Manufacturers Association opposes a California lawsuit involving manufacturers of potato chips and french fries. 4 September 13, 2005 if regulatory decisions are being made without sufficient scientific foundation, one must ask if consumers are being protected or bearing the burden of policies that lack scientific merit. FBN

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Food Business News - Sep 13, 2005