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Introducing MEG 3TM A new powd ered fish oil ingredient that 's su perior in a number of key areas. Most ever y one has heard abo u t the benefits of Omega-3. But did y ou know that onl y Ome ga-3 from fish oil contains EPA and DHA ... f un ctio n ally esse n tial nu t r ien ts that co n t r ib u te to hea r t health a n d facilitate normal growth and develo p ment . MEG-3 ' Omega-3 powder ingredient delivers all the health benefits of both EPA and DHA beca u se it's made from fish oil. It uses a patented micro-encapsulation technology that p rovides sup erior p rocess tolerance and ease of formulation, without adding any fishy taste or smell to y ou r p rod u ct . In other words , you get the good n ess of fish , witho u t the "fish " . Now you 'r e getti ng the idea ... a n d so will y ou r cu stomers . Savvy cons u mers read packaging carefull y and critically. By adding MEG-3 ' to your product , you'll be able to make a qualified heart health clai m that's supported b y ove r 8,000 scientific research papers. ' For the f u ll stor y on wh y fish oil is the best source of Omega-3, and for more ideas about how MEG-3 " can make a health y impact on your botto m li n e, we invite you to contact us. Whe n y ou see the evide n ce ... a n d you can 't taste or smell the difference , you're bound to come to your senses. -J MEG ' trust the taste trust the source ' 1 888-980-8889 * 1 902-480-3200 * * 6CEAN T TIO

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Food Business News - Nov 08, 2005