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FOODBUSINESS NEWS NEWS, MARKETS AND ANALYSIS FOR THE FOOD PROCESSING INDUSTRY November 6, 2012 ® Monster Beverage faces wrongful death lawsuit CORONA, CALIF. — The safety of energy drinks became news again on Oct. 17 when a wrongful death lawsuit was filed against Monster Beverage Corp. Plaintiffs Wendy Crossland and Richard Fournier, parents of the late Anais Fournier and residents of Maryland, filed the lawsuit in the Superior Court of the state of California in Riverside. Anais Fournier died on Dec. 23, 2011, at the age of 14. According to the lawsuit, Anais Fournier consumed a 24-oz Monster Energy drink on Dec. 16, 2011. The next day she consumed another 24-oz Monster Energy drink. The two cans together contained 480 mg of caffeine. Monster Continued on Page 33 Sandy sweeps through the Northeast Story on Page 24 New school lunch standards draw scrutiny WASHINGTON — Concerns about the new nutrition standards in the federally funded National School Lunch Program and their implementation this fall have generated student protests in some areas and renewed criticism and even opposition on Capitol Hill, at least on the Republican sides of the aisles. At the same time, advocates for the new nutrition requirements, which increase the availability of fruits, vegetables, whole grains and fat-free and low-fat milk while setting per-meal calorie caps, said it was vital the new rules be given time to work to help reduce child obesity and provide Continued on Page 36 Peanut supplies surge .S. peanut supplies have gone from short supply the past two years to surplus as a record large 2012 crop is being harvested. At the same time, the industry hopes quality issues causing two major recalls in two years are remedied as the result of abundant new crop supply and good weather. “Peanut grades are very high this year,” Crop goes from short to surplus as quality improves U said John Beasley, professor of crop and soil sciences and extension peanut agronomist at the University of Georgia. In addition to the high quality, he noted peanut yields were coming in near or above record levels in Georgia, which is by far the largest U.S. peanut producing state with 45% of total U.S. peanut harvested acreage and nearly 49% of expected total 2012 production. In its Oct. 11 Crop Production report, the U.S. Department of Agriculture forecast U.S. 2012 peanut production at a record 6,108 million lbs, up a whopping 67% from 3,659 million lbs in 2011, up 47% from 4,157 million lbs in 2010 and 18% above the previous record outturn of 5,162 million lbs in 2008. The huge increase in production was the result of an expected record high yield of 3,832 lbs an acre, up 13% from 2011, and a 48% increase in harvested area at 1,594,000 Continued on Page 38

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Food Business News - November 6, 2012
Monster Beverage faces wrongful death lawsuit
New school lunch standards draw scrutiny
Peanut supplies surge
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Market Insight - Peanut supplies surge
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Food Business News - November 6, 2012