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February 26, 2013 FOODBUSINESS NEWS NEWS, MARKETS AND ANALYSIS FOR THE FOOD PROCESSING INDUSTRY Heinz deal an industry milestone PITTSBURGH — The pending $28 billion acquisition of The H.J. Heinz Co. by Berkshire Hathaway Inc. represents a validation of fundamental change across the entire consumer packaged foods business over a number of years, said James E. Neely, vice-president, Booz & Company Inc., Cleveland. The success Heinz has achieved supports the idea of considerable growth potential even for businesses that are mature and could be characterized as “unexciting,” he said. The comments by Mr. Neely followed the Feb. 14 announcement that an investment consortium including Berkshire Hathaway and 3G Capital has entered into a definitive agreement to acquire Continued on Page 10 Product overhaul at heart of Kraft Foods strategy Horse meat fraud spreads throughout Europe BRUSSELS — As the scandal involving the mislabeling of beef products containing horse meat as pure beef has spread throughout Europe, it has left food manufacturers and government officials scrambling to ensure consumer confidence in the food industry. Major companies such as Nestle, JBS, Tesco and Aldi have been involved, and it has prompted the United Kingdom’s Food Standards Agency (F.S.A.) to conduct a testing program that will include all types of food products containing beef to ascertain authenticity. More testing and greater sanctions were two suggestions made by the Continued on Page 11 Story on Page 20 Sweetener industry bracing for ‘anti-sugar’ battle hile there may not have been earthshattering news from this year’s International Sweetener Colloquium, there were several newsworthy themes, not the least of which came from speakers making sure the sweetener industry knew it was “in the sights” of some W government and consumer groups’ new or renewed attempts to reduce sugar intake by Americans. Ironically, those efforts are coming when sugar supplies are the largest they have been in over a decade and sugar prices are near five-year lows and nearing government support levels. While some cities and states have for some time been trying to regulate sweetener intake in one way or another, whether it be banning large “sugary” drinks as in New York City or taxing drinks or items with added sugar in several other locales, the potential intensity of those efforts was evident two weeks ago. The bipartisan Sugar Reform Act was introduced in both houses of Congress on Valentine’s Day, and the Center for Science in the Public Interest (C.S.P.I.) filed a 54-page petition calling on the Food and Drug Administration Continued on Page 32 ®

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Food Business News - February 26, 2013
Heinz deal an industry milestone
Horse meat fraud spreads throughout Europe
Sweetener industry bracing for ‘anti-sugar’ battle
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Editorial - New world view affects farmland value
Horse meat fraud spreads throughout Europe
General Mills test marketing Bfast breakfast beverage
Dr Pepper to invest heavily behind TEN platform
Poultry processor to build plant in Texas
Former Dean Foods exec to lead Atkins
Tyson acquires Don Julio Foods
Number of food, beverage recalls climbs
Prepared salads moving to the main dish
Campbell Soup income falls 7% in quarter
Expansion planned in Mexico
General Mills trying to gain ground in Greek yogurt market
Taco Bell adds Cool Ranch Doritos Locos Tacos
Product development overhaul at heart of Kraft Foods strategy
Acquisitions boost earnings and sales at B&G Foods
Burger King refocusing on value menu
Saputo: Morningstar acquisition ‘opened up dairy world’
Smucker in midst of ‘most robust period of innovation’ in company history
Supreme Court hearing arguments in Monsanto case
Washington - F.D.A. issues 'final rule' on administrative detention
Ingredient Innovations - Color entry through emulsions
California ruling has global effect on caramel color
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Dairy Business News - 'Made with yogurt'
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Food Business News - February 26, 2013