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January 14, 2014 FOODBUSINESS NEWS NEWS, MARKETS AND ANALYSIS FOR THE FOOD PROCESSING INDUSTRY Securing General Mills' Cheerios to be G.M.O. free MINNEAPOLIS - General Mills, Inc. has taken steps to eliminate bioengineered ingredients from Cheerios. Oats, the main ingredient in the brand's original cereal, are non-bioengineered. Changes in sourcing and handling of ingredients, such as separating cane sugar from beet sugar and using corn starch made with non-bioengineered corn, enables the company to label the product as free of bioengineered ingredients. Other Cheerios varieties will not feature the non-bioengineered designation, because widespread use of bioengineered crops would make removal of such ingredients "difficult, if not impossible," the company said. "The simple and unique nature of our Continued on Page 19 the supply chain Distribution to be a focus of F.D.A. in early 2014 Story on Page 24 The value of beverage clarity lear is not a color; it is a shade. When it comes to beverages, clear is an attribute many consumers correlate with being light and refreshing. "Clarity is often important for beverages designed to quench thirst," said Kimberlee (K.J.) Burrington, dairy ingredient applications coordinator for the Center for Dairy Research (C.D.R.), University of Wisconsin-Madison. "Water, the original thirst quencher, has high clarity, and thus many beverages use water as the target for clarity." Jean Heggie, beverage industry team Continued on Page 32 C Egg white prices breaking at last Dried egg white price decline first in 10 months fter a meteoric rise in egg white prices in 2013, values of those and some other egg products showed signs of cracking as the new year began. The surge was almost completely egg white demand driven, and the question is, A how much of it will be demand sustained? As has been well documented on these pages, demand for egg whites soared in 2013 because of new whites-only breakfast entrees from McDonald's, Sonic, Dunkin' Donuts, Subway and several other fast-food and casual dining chains, with additional offerings of whites-only frozen breakfast items in grocery stores, such as from Hillshire Brands, coming later last year. The new demand for whites-only items sent prices soaring for liquid, frozen and dried egg whites and greatly restricted the supply of whites available to processors for drying. It may be difficult to determine trends during the Thanksgiving-to-New Year's holiday period, but at least some market participants Continued on Page 26 ®

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Food Business News - January 14, 2014
General Mills’ Cheerios to be G.M.O. free
The value of beverage clarity
Egg white prices breaking at last
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Food Business News - January 14, 2014