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FOODBUSINESS NEWS December 2, 2014 NEWS, MARKETS AND ANALYSIS FOR THE FOOD PROCESSING INDUSTRY Cracker category looking stale for Campbell Soup 650 CAMDEN, N.J. - The cracker category may be crumbling, according to the Campbell Soup Co., whose Goldfish brand posted market share gains but declining sales during the company's first quarter on softer consumption trends. Higher sales of soups and continued momentum across Bolthouse Farms, Plum Organics and Kelsen brands lifted Campbell's sales and earnings, but weakness in the Pepperidge Farm business remained. "Our main challenge in this business is to restore growth in crackers," said Denise Morrison, president and chief executive officer, during a Nov. 25 earnings call with financial analysts. "It is important to Continued on Page 10 3 500 What's 900 on the menu? F.D.A. issues its menu labeling rules 480 Satiating dairy foods make resolutions a reality F ollowing the annual New Year countdown, there's often celebratory cheer, an incantation of Auld Lang Syne and a determination to lose weight - one of the top resolutions most often made - and, unfortunately, often broken within the first few weeks of January. This outcome may change for some dieters in the years ahead. Product formulators have developed a better understanding of the mechanisms that regulate appetite and now are developing products that help consumers feel full and satisfied, which Continued on Page 42 Story on Page 12 250 Cocoa supply trends - Setting the record straight T " he report of my death was an exaggeration," Mark Twain wrote in May 1897, although the misquote, "The reports of my death are greatly exaggerated," is more commonly repeated. Could the same be said of the approaching chocopalypse? "News" was circulating the past few weeks that the world may run out of chocolate - referred to by some as the chocolypse or chocopalypse - in less than a decade. More than one story indicated the world may see a cocoa deficit of one million tonnes by 2020 and two million tonnes by 2030. While at least one story was less than precise, referring to "chocolate deficits, whereby farmers produce less cocoa than the world eats, are becoming the norm." In over-simplified terms, farmers grow cocoa beans and processors grind the beans into cocoa liquor, which is sold as cocoa liquor or pressed into cocoa cake (which Continued on Page 30 ®

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Food Business News - December 2, 2014
Cracker category looking stale for Campbell Soup
Cocoa supply trends – Setting the record straight
Dairy Business News - Satiating dairy foods make resolutions a reality
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Food Business News - December 02, 2014