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FOODBUSINESS NEWS January 27, 2015 NEWS, MARKETS AND ANALYSIS FOR THE FOOD PROCESSING INDUSTRY Popcorn Skinny margarine business at Unilever LONDON - Consumers are eating less margarine, and for Unilever P.L.C. that's becoming a problem. Higher sales of the company's savory spreads and dressings in the recent year weren't enough to offset declines in Unilever's margarine business, which gained market share but remained pressured by lower demand in the category and price deflation. The maker of Hellmann's and Flora recently announced plans to separate its European and North American spreads operations into a standalone unit later this year with a new emphasis on Continued on Page 15 in the spotlight A flavor of cheese for every food rom baked goods to salad dressings, the flavor of cheese may be found in foods throughout the supermarket and on most menus. With more than 300 varieties of cheese readily sold in the United States, there's a cheese flavor for every food. "Food companies are increasingly leveraging the amazing variety of flavor profiles from cheese to make products stand out," said Ron Heddleson, senior director of research and development, QualiTech, Chaska, Minn. Denis Neville, general manager-CoreFX Continued on Page 29 F Story on Page 12 Potassium: promising yet problematic otassium in the future may have its own required place in the Nutrition Facts Panel. The mineral also may play a role in sodium reduction. Yet before dialing up the Daily Value of potassium in P products, food and beverage formulators should consider sensory issues. "Foremost, potassium tastes terrible," said Brandon Armstrong, a food scientist in the nutritional ingredients division of Watson, Inc., West Haven, Conn. "On top of that, 100% D.V. is 3.5 grams, which for many products is a significant per cent of the finished product weight, and that doesn't account for activity level." It would take more than 7 grams of raw material per serving to have 100% Daily Value of potassium in a product, he said. "At best, the resulting product would taste like sea water," Mr. Armstrong said. "So, using more than 10% D.V. in a formulation is usually a bad idea, and even at that Continued on Page 26 ®

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Food Business News - January 27, 2015
Skinny margarine business at Unilever
Potassium: promising yet problematic
Dairy Business News - A flavor of cheese for every food
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Frozen food segment to pick up steam
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AdvancePierre Foods to acquire sandwich maker
Packaged Facts pegs gluten-free retail sales at $973 million
Longtime Tootsie Roll c.e.o. dies at 95
Hawaiian Host to buy nut processor from Hershey
Study: Some nutrition labels falling short
B&G Foods getting its snack business back on track
Kurzius to president and c.o.o. of McCormick
Opportunities hatch in egg replacer market
Washington - Getting on the same page
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Top-ranked diet promotes potassium intake
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Food Business News - January 27, 2015