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Enrich Health: Boost Your differentiation between loyalty programs and the use of data analytics to improve the shopper's experience. "The world has changed as it relates to analytics and what's possible today," he said. "So we talk about what we do with this massive amount of data that we have that will build trust and loyalty, surprise and delight people, but not with an old-school loyalty card and not with price but with something else. So how do you save on time or introduce them to a new item they didn't know we carried or if they bought this, the B&G Foods has big plans for Bear Creek soup brand Non-GMO Potato-Based Resistant Starch Give your health and wellness products a boost - without affecting taste or texture! Add fiber and reduce calories with PenFibe®, a unique line of non-GMO dietary fibers. 800-652-4732 IFT Booth #1231 20 FOODBUSINESS NEWS solution should include that? How do you give them relevant communication? How do you demonstrate to them that you know them?" Greg Foran, president and c.e.o. of Wal-Mart U.S., added, "It's amazing how much data is available at our fingertips now and through traceable tender. Using that data to form customer baskets, which then can drive things like dendrograms, customer decision trees, substitutability, loyalty. We like that and that forms part of our thinking." FBN ® NEW YORK - The e Bear Creek soup brand is on the move. B&G Foods plans to expand distribution into the club and drug channels in an effort to grow the business, said Bob Cantwell, president and chief executive officer. "Bear Creek is a dry soup mix sold in most supermarkets across the country," Mr. Cantwell said during a presentation at the Stephens Inc. New York Conference on June 2. "It doesn't have any club business. It really is not in any drug or any of those outlets. It's a supermarket brand today. "There's a lot of upside outside of those outlets, certainly, in clubs. It was a large club business years ago. The former owners pulled it out of clubs because they struggled with making money just because they owned a plant that was inefficient and they had all kinds of issues ... We're working on products for Costco as we speak, and w also think it has a huge we food service upside, (but) we're not there yet." B&G Foods acquired t Bear Creek business in the A April 2014 when the compa pany acquired Specialty Br Brands of America, Inc. for app approximately $155 million from American Capital, Ltd., a priv private equity firm. "B "Bear Creek dominates what you ccall the dry soup category," Mr. Ca Cantwell said. "It has about 70% sh share in supermarkets. This is a he hearty soup mix. This is not going to be a tomato soup or a clear b broth soup. This is typically a hearty meal soup. It is made to feed a family of four plus. You put a little protein in this product and you can feed your family very cheaply." B&G Foods already has extended the brand into the single-serve convenience category with the introduction of single-serve cups. In a presentation this past September, Mr. Cantwell added that B&G Foods also sees room for the Bear Creek brand to grow into such adjacent categories as rice mixes, pasta sides and more. The company has committed to a year-long social media campaign to promote the Bear Creek brand and introduce it to new consumers. "We're going to see how we can move the needle," Mr. Cantwell said. "But we have some large expectations for Bear Creek on a go-forward basis." FBN June 16, 2015

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Food Business News - June 16, 2015
Wet weather affecting grain and oilseed markets
WhiteWave to acquire Vega Foods
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Food Business News - June 16, 2015