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"Manildra is a family-owned company committed to being the leader in the wheat gluten industry. We have been growing for the last 40 years and are excited to share our future with you." Mars to remove artificial colors across portfolio - Neal Bassi, President Manildra Group USA MCLEAN, VA. - Mars, Inc. said it will remove all artificial colors from its chocolate, gum, confection, food and drink products over the next five years. Many of Mars' products already are free of artificial colors, but the company said it is broadening the scope of the effort across its portfolio in response to a growing demand for ingredients perceived as natural. The company has pledged to work closely with its suppliers to find alternatives that meet the quality and safety standards while maintaining the vibrant hues associated with certain products. "We're in the business of satisfying and delighting the people who love our products," said Grant F. Reid, president and chief executive officer of Mars, Inc. "Eliminating all artificial colors from our human food portfolio is a massive undertaking and one that will take time and hard work to accomplish. Our consumers are the boss, and we hear them. If it's the right thing to do for them, it's the right thing to do for Mars." Mars said it may use slightly different formulations for products in different markets, based on consumer preferences, ingredient availability and local regulations. The company's food and drink portfolio features more than 50 brands, including M&M's, Skittles, Snickers, Twix, Dove and Combos. Mars' pet food brands will not be included in the efforts. FBN Three trends driving gluten-free market 800-323-8435 * 24 FOODBUSINESS NEWS ® LONDON - The global gluten-free packaged food market is projected to grow at a compound annual growth rate of approximately 6% between 2015 and 2019, according to a report from Technavio. A factor driving continued momentum in the category is a perception among consumers that glutenfree foods are healthier. New product innovation is expected to contribute to growth in the coming years, Technavio said. Pulses have become a popular stand-in for wheat in gluten-free pastas, baked foods and snacks, while appealing to health-savvy shoppers who seek products high in protein and fiber. Driven by new product development, the bakery segment leads the gluten-free packaged food market with 64% market share in 2014. Technavio predicts the segment will retain its dominance through the end of 2019, growing at a rate of about 7%. Technavio identified three emerging trends driving the gluten-free market: health and wellness, demand from millennials, and increased marketing activities. Celiac or not, many consumers associate gluten-free foods with increased energy and weight loss. Technavio cited a 2013 market survey conducted by Monash University, Melbourne, Australia, that revealed 78% of those who purchase gluten-free products say they do so for some sort of health reason. Younger generations, specifically 38% of Generation Z and 32% of millennials, said they are willing to pay a premium for gluten-free products. Bakery products, cookies and snacks are the top gluten-free foods among this consumer group, said Technavio. Finally, a key driver behind the growing demand for gluten-free packaged foods is an increase in marketing activities from big and small manufacturers alike. An example is Heinz, which in 2014 launched a social media campaign for its gluten-free pasta and sauces, Technavio said. FBN February 23, 2016

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Food Business News - February 23, 2016
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Food Business News - February 23, 2016