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Supplier Innovations and News Beneo introduces translucent chewing gum coating Beneo, Morris Plains, N.J., is introducing its new Isomalt translucent gum coating technology. The coating process incorporates the company's Isomalt product, a sugar replacer that crystallizes translucently, and allows manufacturers to create products with shine that maintains stability through product shelf life. Gum coated with Isomalt is not prone to chipping or cracking during production or transport and offers a delicate crunch and enhanced flavor release. Beneo's Isomalt is derived from beet sugar and has received European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) health claims for its low glycemic and tooth friendly characteristics. It offers a sugar-like, mild sweet taste. "The chewing gum market is in need of fresh ideas to re-ignite sales, and Beneo's translucent coating technology now offers fantastic scope for new product innovation," said Thomas Schmidt, marketing director at Beneo. "For the first time, multi-colored centers can be made visible, leading to new visual possibilities in the market that will create excitement for the consumer and manufacturer alike." Visit: Gold Coast introduces vegetarian savory flavors Gold Coast Ingredients, Commerce, Calif., is expanding its lineup with new, specialty lines of vegetarian savory flavors. Available in powder and liquid form, the flavors provide meat and poultry flavor profiles without the use of animal proteins or products. The flavors may be made organic, nonG.M.O., gluten-free or MSGfree upon request and come in several variations of chicken, beef and pork flavors: x Vegetarian chicken flavors - available in grilled, roasted and boiled with white, dark, lean or fatty skin flavor profiles x Vegetarian beef flavors - offered in different cooking styles, fat content, rare, medium and welldone beef flavor profiles x Vegetarian pork flavors - available in flavor profiles ranging from bacon, lard and ham to roasts, cured meats and sausages "Consumers are demanding products free of ingredients such as MSG, autolyzed yeast extract and hydrolyzed vegetable protein, but oftentimes do not realize how difficult it is to create a clean, vegetarian savory flavor without losing essential flavor characteristics," said Mariano Gascon, senior technical director of R&D for Gold Coast. "At G.C.I., we formulate savory flavor enhancers that meet common, natural and organic requirements by removing undesirable ingredients." Visit: Kemin blend provides flavor, color protection in meat, poultry Kemin Food Technologies' rosemary and green tea extract blend maintains meats' and poultry's flavor and color better than rosemary extract alone, according to a study conducted by the University of Nebraska-Lincoln meat lab. Results of the test showed that beef treated with Kemin's blend yielded the least discoloration and most typical bright cherry red color of 54 FOODBUSINESS NEWS ® ground beef. The blend also protects the entire lipid portion of the ground meat from oxidation, increasing shelf life and preserving freshness. "Degradation occurs in ground meats even during frozen storage, so the key to maintaining freshness in these products is to delay both lipid and myoglobin oxidation," said Courtney Schwartz, senior marketing communications manager for Kemin, Des Moines, Iowa. "To retain the ground meat's flavor and color attributes, the entire matrix must be protected. Studies have demonstrated that rosemary and green tea extracts can enhance or protect color and flavor, as well as increase shelf life of ground meat products, by providing protection to both the phospholipids (polar) and triglycerides (non-polar) portions of the meat." Visit: February 23, 2016

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Food Business News - February 23, 2016
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Food Business News - February 23, 2016