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FOODBUSINESS NEWS July 26, 2016 NEWS, MARKETS AND ANALYSIS FOR THE FOOD PROCESSING INDUSTRY 'A new sense of urgency' at Hershey NEW YORK - While it believes a takeover by Mondelez International, Inc. is unlikely, Credit Suisse does think drama surrounding the bid will spur "a new sense of urgency" at the Hershey Co. As a result, the equity research firm has raised its 12-month target price for Hershey to $110 per share, up from $91 previously. Mondelez, East Hanover, N.J., in late June submitted an offer to acquire Hershey, Pa.-based Hershey for $107 per share, or about $23 billion. "We believe that the drama of this take-out bid will spur a new sense of urgency at the Hershey Co. to boost share holder value and improve fundamental Continued on Page 10 Adding convenience to cocktails n-the-go lifestyles seldom slow even in the evening in the comfort of one's home. Just the idea of measuring, blending and shaking an after-work cocktail may cause more stress than the beverage's intent of relaxing and unwinding. To assist, the adults-only beverage aisle at retail is getting stocked with innovative convenience solutions ranging from artisanal prepared cocktails to culinary-inspired flavorings, making the most inexperienced home bartender feel like a mixologist. And increasingly, the products even address consumers' Continued on Page 45 O Story on Page 28 G.M.O. labeling bill awaits President Obama's signature ith President Barack Obama's signature, legislation requiring the mandatory disclosure of bioengineered ingredients in foods will become a law of the land. The president's signing was expected shortly. The measure resulted from an agreement crafted by Senators W Pat Roberts of Kansas, chairman of the Senate Committee on Agriculture, Nutrition and Forestry, and Debbie Stabenow of Michigan, ranking member. It was passed in both Houses of Congress by overwhelming bipartisan majorities. The law staked a middle position between those who sought mandatory on-the-package G.M.O. disclosures and those who favored only voluntary labeling. Most of the food industry, pointing to assertions of the Food and Drug Administration and other expert U.S. and international bodies to the effect that bioengineered foods are no less safe than those manufactured with more traditional technologies, wanted a law that would nullify existing and preclude further state mandatory labeling statutes and instead require only voluntary Continued on Page 26 ®

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G.M.O. labeling bill awaits President Obama’s signature
'A new sense of urgency' at Hershey
Adding convenience to cocktails
Editorial - Clean label is now the norm
Credit Suisse sees ‘new sense of urgency’ at Hershey following Mondelez bid
Land O’Lakes introduces new sustainability division
ConAgra taps former Godiva exec as c.f.o.
Yum! Brands challenged by ‘malaise in the U.S.’
Utz Quality Foods to acquire Golden Flake Snack Foods
Credit Suisse adjusts outlook for Amplify Snack Brands
The forces behind the ‘thriving’ healthy snack segment
Werner to lead Lamb Weston following spin-off
Dannon to reformulate most brands with non-G.M.O. ingredients
Applegate furthering non-G.M.O. commitment with product launch
General Mills puts priority on revamping U.S. yogurt portfolio
Del Monte Foods announces leadership changes
PepsiCo to bring aspartame back in Diet Pepsi Classic Sweetener Blend
ConAgra innovation touting organic, natural claims
Bitsy’s Brainfood launches organic crackers through Target’s Made to Matter program
Starbucks giving entrepreneurs a national opportunity
Washington - G.M.O. labeling bill awaits President Obama’s signature
Top 10 food trends unveiled at I.F.T.16
PepsiCo digs into the complexity of texture
‘Made with Pulses’ seal unveiled at I.F.T.
A role for sensory in satiety
Ingredient Trends - Food startups seek boost from probiotics
Digestive health on display at I.F.T.16
Ingredient Innovations - One salt crystal at a time
Adding convenience to cocktails
New Food Products
Ingredient Market Trends - In The Spotlight
Ingredient Markets
Supplier Innovations and News
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Food Business News - July 26, 2016