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PepsiCo names inaugural
pitch-slam winners
PLANO, TEXAS - Three female entrepreneurs were awarded a total of

Danone invests
$10 million in
creamer brand

Startup launches



KANSAS CITY - Baking & Snack, sister publication of Food Business News,
highlights industry disruptors in the second season of its podcast, "Since
Sliced Bread." Host and senior editor Charlotte Atchley interviews founders
who "accidentally" started baking and snack companies.
With no background or formal training in baking or food manufacturing, the entrepreneurs featured on the show had an idea and some
gumption and found success in the bakery and snack aisles. Hear the
stories of how they got started, the challenges they faced and how they are
disrupting their categories - or in some cases - how they are creating
completely new ones. Subscribe or listen at ▪

$100,000 in business grants through the inaugural WomanMade Challenge
by Frito-Lay North America, a division of PepsiCo, Inc. The pitch slam was
scheduled to take place at Natural Products Expo West in Anaheim, Calif.,
but it was held virtually after the trade show was postponed, then canceled
as the coronavirus pandemic hit the United States.
The first-place winner was Sashee Chandran, founder of Tea Drops,
a brand of organic teas that dissolve instantly in hot water and generate
less waste than traditional tea packaging. Nydia Shipman, co-founder of
The Worthy Company, took second place. The third-place winner was Kate
Flynn, co-founder of Sun & Swell Foods. ▪

Chicken-alternative maker
raises $6 million
SEATTLE - Rebellyous Foods, maker of plant-based meat alternatives, has
raised $6 million in Series A funding. The startup said it will continue building its novel production technology for plant-based chicken-style nuggets
and plans to hire equipment and mechanical engineers at its research
facility in Seattle.
Christie Lagally, founder and chief executive officer at Rebellyous
Foods, launched the company with the goal of producing plant-based
alternatives at a cost and scale that rivals traditional poultry.
"At Rebellyous, our mission is to make plant-based meat that is better
than animal meat in every way, from price and convenience to taste and
nutrition." Ms. Lagally said. ▪


Food Business News

SISTERS, ORE. - Laird Superfood
closed a $10 million financing
round funded entirely by Danone
Manifest Ventures, the venture arm
of Paris-based Danone. Launched
in 2015, Laird Superfood markets creamers formulated with
mushrooms and other functional
ingredients. The company said it
will use the funds to support new
product development and expand
its manufacturing campus in Sisters.
"Danone aims to inspire
healthier and more sustainable
dietary practices around the world,
which is perfectly aligned with the
vision of our founders," said Paul
Hodge, co-founder and chief executive officer of Laird Superfood. ▪


Podcast profiles baking,
snack startup founders

NEW YORK - The founders of Three
Wishes, a high-protein, grainfree breakfast cereal, launched
a drive-thru sampling station in
their Westchester neighborhood
to generate trial of the product.
The startup typically relies on
in-store demos, which have
been halted by the coronavirus
Ian and Margaret Wishingrad used tongs, gloves and
masks and offered taste tests at a
safe distance during the hourlong
event, which was marketed on
social media.
The drive-thru sampling was
so successful, the founders said they
planned to continue. ▪

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