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Founders donate product
to New York City hospitals

Food Entrepreneur
Expo to offer new
digital experience

Orgain awards
adds twist to
three emerging
sparkling water brands


Plant-based brand sees
pandemic-driven demand
ASHEVILLE, NC. - Recent data show more shoppers are opting for plant-based
foods during the pandemic, and sales of meat alternatives are expected to
accelerate as a result of temporarily tighter supplies of beef, pork and poultry. No
Evil Foods, producer of plant protein products, is bracing for the boom.
In recent months No Evil Foods has expanded its team and is
investing in production capabilities to improve efficiency and reduce costs
with a goal to lower prices and increase accessibility, said Sadrah Schadel,
co-founder and chief creative officer. The company also is accelerating
the launch of plant-based jerky, its first shelf-stable item, which was set to
debut next year, with an eye to expanding in the e-commerce channel as
more shoppers buy groceries online. ▪


Food Business News

SAN FRANCISCO - Husband-andwife team Paul and Madeleine
Voge launched Aura Bora, a line
of sparkling water flavored with
aromatic herbs and plants. Varieties include lemongrass coconut,
cactus rose, basil berry, peppermint watermelon and lavender
Since its January debut, the
brand has expanded to more than
300 retailers nationwide.
"It all started when my wife,
Madeleine, and I were just messing
around with our SodaStream," Mr.
Voge said. "We happened to have
all these herbs and botanicals in our
pantry. One thing led to another,
and Aura Bora was born." ▪



KANSAS CITY - The editors of Food Business News invite industry professionals to participate in a new interactive online tasting event sponsored by
Sosland Publishing Company. The first-ever digital Food Entrepreneur Expo
will be held as part of the Trends and Innovations Web Series presented by
Food Business News on Aug. 26 and will feature the latest innovation from
emerging brands.
Expo registrants will receive a curated box of 10 to 15 ready-to-eat,
shelf-stable samples representing leading industry trends. A live webinar
will showcase the founders behind the brands, while viewers may taste and
vote for the best product.
Spots are limited. For more information and to register, go to ▪

NEW YORK - Cole Riley, a budding food marketer, launched nonprofit
Founders Give in March to collect and distribute products to doctors, nurses and health care workers throughout New York City.
Within 10 weeks, the initiative provided 2.2 million snacks and beverages from more than 300 brands to 51 hospitals. Participating companies
ranged from small makers of kombucha and cold-brew coffee to larger
businesses, including Chobani and Kind Healthy Snacks.
"There's an opportunity to take what we've been doing in New York
with hospitals, expand on it gradually, focus on the CPG brands and founders," Mr. Riley said. ▪

IRVINE, CALIF. - Organic protein shake
maker Orgain awarded a total of
$150,000 in grant money to three
startup brands as part of its inaugural
Grants for Greater Good program.
The winners are Bissy, a brand
of energy beverages featuring
kolanut fruit; Hakuna Brands, a line
of plant-based frozen desserts;
and IncludeHealth, a developer of
inclusive fitness equipment.
"This inaugural program has
brought the biggest and brightest
health and wellness entrepreneurs
to our doorstep, and we are excited
to have a part in the growth and
impact they'll have on culture," said
Andrew Abraham, MD, founder and
chief executive officer of Orgain. ▪

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Food Entrepreneur - June 23, 2020

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