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'It was tough to get the
right consistency and
formula and just to get it
all right, but I think it was
worth the wait. Tortillas
are a fan favorite for a lot
of people.'

'We basically
a meal hack.'

'The best part of the chicken, coated in
cauliflower and baked instead of fried.
It's the healthiest chicken tender ever
made. And no one saw it coming.'

September 2019

January 2019

Introduces cauliflowerbased tortillas in
original and grain-free

March 2019

Becomes the No. 8
bestselling brand in
the $5.4 billion US
frozen pizza market,
according to SPINS.
Distribution reaches
18,000 retailers.

Launches frozen chicken
tenders breaded with a
coating in 8,000
stores. More than half
a million bags are
sold in the first three
months in market.

May 2020
March 2020

Debuts riced cauliflower packaged in
microwavable, reusable cups in three
flavors: Baja-style
with corn and black
beans, curried with
turmeric and green
herbs, and sesame
citrus with red
pepper, edamame
and onion.

Caulipower products
are sold in 25,000
retail outlets. The
company continues
planning new


new challenge. Trying to get product to
shelves, trying to keep product on shelves,
trying to figure out how to get product
from point A to B in the middle of a
pandemic is quite challenging. Things are

incredible. The other thing we've done is
we had about 10 employees that worked
in areas that aren't busy right now. We
have people in foodservice. We have
people whose job it was to build brand

'In today's world,
you should not
have to sacrifice
taste for
nutrition or
- Gail Becker,

starting to calm down and normalize
now, but in the beginning ... the stores have
six months to prepare for Thanksgiving.
With COVID, they had about six minutes.
We've pivoted and innovated at such
a rate because we've had to. We haven't
skipped a beat. Our fill rate matches
anyone if not surpasses. It's pretty
June 23, 2020

experiences at food shows or in different
events and food trucks. We have taken
those people and redeployed them. We
are teaching them new skills. They're
doing a great job, and we haven't lost
any jobs. It's one of the things I'm most
proud of. Our ability to turn on a dime, to
learn new things, innovate and adjust.

Why do you think Caulipower has been
such a success so quickly?
Ms. Becker: I would attribute the
success to four different factors. One was
timing, for sure. We hit the timing just
right. I saw people were using cauliflower rice to make different products. I saw
there were 569,000 recipes on the web,
and I realized I can't be only one who
doesn't have time for this.
Two, I think marketing. The marketing has been very different.
We engage with our consumers in a
different way. We don't take ourselves
too seriously. We're a bit irreverent.
We're fun.
Three, I would say our team. I've
had many jobs in my career ... and I have
never fought for or worked so hard for
anything work-related in my entire life.
And for some reason I've been blessed
enough to have a team around me that
is as committed and as passionate about
Caulipower as I am.
Fourth and finally ... our products
taste phenomenal, and that's everything. I
could have those other three things, but if
I didn't have products that tasted great, we
wouldn't have a business. I feel incredibly
blessed and privileged to have all of those
elements. ▪
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