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Chain Reaction
Insights into the 2020-and-Beyond Commodity Supply Chain
and What It Takes to Make It More Efficient and Profitable

Executive summary:
As the nature of supply chains changes, due to factors
ranging from advancing technologies to interest in
customizable solutions to shifting global supply and
demand situations, manufacturers can optimize their own
supply chain by seeking solutions that boost efficiencies of
their infrastructure and their relationships with suppliers
and customers. INTL FCStone provides guidance and
a team of experts to navigate these changes for greater
efficiencies and the continued assurance of satisfaction to
those throughout the chain.

For manufacturers of goods bound for human
consumption, from fresh pork to skim milk powder to
sorghum, the end-to-end supply chain is much more than
the delivery of product from one point to another. The
world in which food manufacturers conduct business has
expanded, forcing firms to evolve and grow, consolidate
with other companies or disappear altogether. One of
the places where evolution has been most evident is
the modernization of the supply chain. Maximizing
efficiencies across the supply chain is critical to the
successful resolution of supply and demand, and integral
to a company's competitive edge and profitability, by way


insights - December 2019

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