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Connecting Conduits:
Optimizing the Supply Chain at a Time of Crisis
By Taylor Schrage
While supply chain disruptions
were expected at the beginning
of the pandemic, the way and
extent to which chains have been
stretched to the breaking point
has caused alarm and the need
for creativity and quick action.
Almost daily, news reports emerge
about suppliers unsure of what to
do with excess product and about
restaurants and grocers contending
with their own unprecedented
supply and demand challenges.
Consumers need food, medicine,
energy and other goods and
services, as their lifestyles have
radically changed. Growers and
producers are grappling with
decisions about what to do with
excess product. Businesses that
provide products for consumption
must address the new realities
impacting their traditional way
of procuring, moving and selling
Many markets are tightly linked,
which can compound supply chain
issues. The commodity market, for

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insights - May 2020

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