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business, from raw material purchase to interest rates and
currencies. Deep analysis with historical pricing data are
part of this program, as are daily market insights, dynamic
monthly and year-end reports, and any necessary trading
through INTL FCStone's global resources.
The KnowRisk information manager, meanwhile, is
based on information aggregated from several sources
presented in a clear, concise way and enables users to
track and benchmark the performance of their respective
operations. Market intelligence platforms include deep-

dive commodity market analysis and daily reports via a
convenient online portal.

About the Author
Taylor Schrage, in his role as Senior Vice President of
Trade and Supply Chain, FCStone Merchant Services, LLC.
and a Risk Management Consultant with INTL FCStone
Financial Inc.'s FCM Division, helps companies optimize
the value of their supply chain.

INTL FCStone, Inc.
INTL FCStone Inc. connects companies to financial
markets all over the world - and to the information and
expertise they need to succeed in those markets. We
help them trade securities like stocks and bonds, and
derivatives like futures and options on commodities,
currencies and interest rates. We also help them
manage their risk when the markets move, and make
it easier and more reliable to make payments across
international borders. You could say we're a one-stop
shop for global financial services.
Publicly traded (NASDAQ:INTL) and headquartered in
New York City, INTL serves more than 20,000 institutional
customers and 100,000 retail customers based in over
130 countries. Those customers include the producers,
processors and end-users of just about every traded
commodity in the world, as well as financial industry players

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like institutional investors, brokers; professional traders;
CTA/CPOs; proprietary trading groups; and commercial
and investment banks. We also serve governmental,
nongovernmental and charitable organizations. In all
cases, we strive to provide efficient market access, valuable
market information and expert guidance - in the forms of
education and advice - to those who seek it.

Connect with us
FCStone Merchant Services, LLC helps food companies
optimize supply chain productivity by improving
procurement flexibility, increasing budget certainty and
freeing up working capital.
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insights - May 2020

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