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messaging that demonstrates how to understand
and mitigate the broader threat of malware
and ransomware within the organization.
security team works directly with
the individuals responsible for refining
and applying the data to be protected. Such
security measures include a multi-layered
approach, much like a castle with protective
and progressive features of a moat, ramparts
and battlements.
A layered security system enables an
organization to protect and strengthen itself
and its place within the marketplace. Such
a layered system might include the ability to
use encryption to protect the confidentiality
of digital data stored on a computer system
or transmitted through a network such as the
internet or multi-factor identification, which
offers protection to the sign-in process by
scanning a fingerprint or by entering a code by
Because it's impossible to foresee all possible
issues, a risk management portfolio is the first
step in minimizing and/or containing losses
for the organization and its customers and
suppliers. The domino effect of a breach of data
by any customer creates an impact within the
organization and to suppliers and customers
throughout the supply chain.
From financial and person identifying data
(PII) and data connections to the mining and
integrity of data, it's critical for organizations to
know how they are streamlining and purchasing
data and how to holistically protect their
technology infrastructure.
As attacks become more sophisticated,
proper management of data security is
paramount to any risk management portfolio.
By understanding the known risks and
by consistently protecting the technology
infrastructure, organizations can intensify their
security protections using a holistic, technologyfirst
strategy to successfully manage risk and
cyber liability across an organization.
To learn more about the evolving topic of
cyber security and its far-reaching impacts,
please see the publications, documents, videos
and links available through the Department
of Homeland Security's (DHS) Science and
Technology Directorate (S&T) Cybersecurity
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insights (Sponsored by StoneX) August 2021

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