First Choice Ingredients -- June 2018 - 1

Delivering Authentic
Cheese and Dairy Flavors
Today's consumers want to taste what product labels describe.

Taste reigns. Consumer shopping surveys highlight
the importance of healthfulness, convenience and
price, but in the end, if the food does not live up to
flavor expectations, it will not be repurchased.
Along with great taste, today's shoppers prioritize
clean, simple and natural foods. They read labels
and seek out food and beverage products made with
real food ingredients. They also want authenticity.
Butter, cheese and cream deliver on all these criteria.
Label claims such as "made with real butter" and
"made with real cheese" resonate with today's
shoppers. What's paramount is that the food tastes
like real butter or cheese.
Think toasted cheddar crackers and buttered
popcorn; buffalo wing dip with bold blue cheese
flavor and Greek salad dressing with nuances
of feta. Sweet and savory baked goods may
offer aromas of butter, smoky cheese and even
caramelized cream.
Sometimes, in order to deliver the bold flavor
consumers crave, it is necessary to give the real
cheese and dairy ingredients a flavor boost. This
can be accomplished with natural, clean-label
cheese and dairy concentrates from First Choice
Ingredients® (FCI) in Germantown, WI. The

company supplies food formulators and culinary
professionals with ingredients that enhance
flavor-to ensure targeted taste is delivered-while
providing cost savings and other functional benefits.
From the heart of America's Dairyland, FCI sources
only the finest raw materials and ingredients to
produce authentic flavor profiles available in varying
concentration levels. Replacing even a small amount
of expensive butter, cheese, cream or other dairy with
FCI's concentrates will positively impact prepared
foods, from both a flavor and economical perspective.

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