First Choice Ingredients -- June 2018 - 5

Brown Butter Concentrates

Toasted Parmesan

Known for its complexity and versatility, Brown
Butter Concentrates are riding the wave of the burnt
caramelized sugar trend tasted in everything from
breakfast cookies to dessert sauces. Why? The
answer is simple: Brown Butter Concentrates make
everything taste better. From adding deliciousness
to cookies and snacks to layers of decadence in
sauces, Brown Butter Concentrates are a gamechanging secret weapon. There are two options, one
leaning sweet the other savory. The sweet version
offers creamy, brown sugar notes, while the savory
option delivers a rich, caramel flavor with burnt or
charred nuances. The former is ideal for baked and
frozen desserts, while the latter adds depth and
complexity to applications such as gravy, soup and
adult-centric mac and cheese.

Save on the cost of toasting cheese and achieve
authentic clean-label flavor with Toasted Parmesan
Concentrate. From marinara and creamy cheese
pasta sauces, to many savory varied baking and
snack applications, this concentrate reduces labor
and costs while delivering on flavor.

Categories of Cheese and
Dairy Concentrates

Cream Cheese


Sour Cream

Organic Cave-Aged Blue Cheese

One of FCI's newest ingredients is Organic CaveAged Blue Cheese Concentrate. As the name
suggests, the concentrate is made from cage-aged
blue cheese, a process that controls for humidity and
temperature to allow for proper flavor development.
FCI sources the cheese from an artisan Midwestern
cheesemaker who is committed to Old World
cheesemaking techniques. The concentrate is up to
10 times the flavor strength of organic commodity
blue cheese without being proportionally expensive.
This presents a huge opportunity for savings.


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