First Choice Ingredients -- June 2018 - 6

Sales Manager Scott Wells Explains
How First Choice is at Your Service

Industry Insights from Jim Pekar:
The Old School Way to Customer Service

Since day one, First Choice Ingredients has
looked for "solution specialists" and "applications
resources" when developing their sales force. These
are people who interact with customers and take
time to know them and their manufacturing needs.
It's just as likely for you to find First Choice Sales
Managers (FCSM) in the lab or on the production
floor, as it is to find them on the road visiting
customers. They really know their stuff.

While we aren't climbing telephone poles to patch you in
to our main switchboard as we did in the 1950s, we still
value many "old school" principles. We answer our calls
with real people. You can just as easily get in contact
with me as you can our inside sales team or application
specialists. Our customers love the access, and we
love the direct contact and communication. We build

Product knowledge is a given. Where FCSM's real
impact can be felt is in the development stage. In
working with some of the most successful brands in
the world, it's highly likely the FCSM know the ins
and outs of your unique challenge. Ideas, inspiration
and experience are their calling cards. Customers
love the combination of ingenuity and energy. See it
first-hand right here.

"Old School" means no excuses. When it comes to
getting samples of our products, we get them out to
customers within 48 hours. A few years back, I drove my
pick-up truck through the night to deliver cheddar cheese
concentrates to a customer the next morning. That's the
kind of dedication you can expect from everyone here.
We're on the same team. We are a family. We get it.
As we've grown and expanded our footprint over the
past two decades, we haven't lost sight of the principles
that got us here. We value customers; it's not just a
tagline. We work our tails off. We deliver products that
taste great and deliver outstanding value. That's "old
school." So, if a customer's recipe calls for dairy, they
really should make us their First Choice.

About First Choice Ingredients: The Ingredient Specialists
Changing How Companies Feel About Dairy
First Choice Ingredients is a family-owned, global supplier of dairy flavors
headquartered in the heart of Dairyland, in Germantown, WI. Established
in 1994, the FCI campus has grown to include three facilities and more than
142,000 square feet of production and R&D space. This includes wet and dry production, a variety of application
labs, warehousing and an expanded tasting center. FCI's full line of dairy powders, liquids and pastes includes
over 300 offerings, many of which can be found in the recipes of some of the top food brands in the world.
For more information, visit or call 262-251-4322.

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