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Hilmar PROtelyze Extend is a high-quality hydrolyzed
whey protein isolate derived from sweet dairy whey
manufactured by a special cross-flow filtration process
and isolated via a proprietary fractionation process.
Highly controlled enzymatic hydrolysis produces a
mixture of different chain length peptides and free amino
acids for enhanced nutritional and functional benefits,
including rapid absorption and digestibility by the body.
It's not just consumers who are following a
dietary lifestyle or have specific health and
wellness goals in mind that are trying to get
more protein in their diet. The IFIC survey
showed that protein is the number-one nutrient
Americans seek out in food and beverage, and
interest in protein continues to grow. Fifty-nine
percent of those surveyed for the 2022 survey
said they were trying to consume protein. This
jumped to 67% in the 2023 edition.
" Consumers are looking for functional nutrition
and satiety in different forms and flavors. Snacks
have to be convenient and enjoyable, " said
Marina Crocker, Director of Product Category
and Marketing at Hilmar. " This is where protein
bars fit in to the average daily diet. Hilmar
PROtelyze Extend enables innovators to deliver
what today's consumers are looking for in a bar.
" As an additive in protein bars, Hilmar PROtelyze
Extend helps maintain flexibility in the bar,
enhancing shelf life for our customers. Its bland
flavor does not affect the bar's sensory attributes.
" Our trials suggest that when compared to the
leading bar softening protein, you can use less
Hilmar PROtelyze Extend and achieve the same
results, " said Crocker. " Lower usage levels
translate to lower ingredient costs, something
top of mind in today's world. "
Hilmar supplies whey protein and lactose
made from sweet whey, exporting to 50+
countries around the world. The sole source
of this sweet whey is the large-scale cheese
operations in California and Texas. These U.S.based
operations provide Hilmar with the
freshest, highest quality whey stream from
which it produces large runs of whey protein
concentrate, hydrolysate, isolate and distinct
protein fractions, as well as edible, refined and
ultra-refined lactose.
The company's fully equipped research and
applications labs are staffed by experienced,
multinational teams and available for formulators
to collaborate on the development of products.
For more information, visit Hilmar.com
or call (209) 667-6076.

Hilmar 2023 - Premium Protein

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