Hollymatic - October 2015 - 1

From its humble beginnings, Hollymatic Corporation
continues to stand the test of time
Nothing rings more true than the importance of persistence, commitment and
product quality for any business to be successful over the long haul. And a little grit
doesn't hurt either.

Searching for a better way, Holly built a
simple, yet ingenious hamburger patty machine from wood. A year later, he patented
the device, and in 1937, he sold his restaurant business and concentrated on building
steel versions of his original model.

Countryside, IL-based Hollymatic Corporation has proven that equipment made 'right'
from the very beginning, creates longstanding customer loyalty and sustainability.
During the economic depression of the
1930s, laid-off ironworker, Harry H. Holly,
challenged to shift focus after searching
six months for another job, opened a hamburger shop with his wife in a small rentfree district under the back stairs of his
grandmother's home in Calumet City, IL.
As his enterprising hamburger business
grew, it became apparent to Holly that
molding hamburger patties by hand took
far too much of his time. Because the size
of his patties was inconsistent, he was
never sure if he was making or losing money. The size variance also caused some
hamburger patties to be overcooked, while
some were underdone at the same time on
the grill. An easier, more efficient way was
needed to make standard-sized patties.
Harry H. Holly
and his original
wooden hamburger
patty machine.


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Hollymatic - October 2015