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The need for


The engineering team at Hollymatic Corp.
and the operations team at Tyson Fresh
Meats joined together to develop and
produce a band saw that will increase
revenue by significantly lowering injury,
but more importantly, save the fingers
and hands of operators. The Hollymatic
Defender 4000 Band Saw uses state-ofthe-art technology to provide features and
benefits not available on other meat saws.

Defender 4000
Band Saw stops
the blade in 40
milliseconds, 10x
faster than the
blink of an eye.

Through the use of a proprietary, low-inertia
high horsepower servo motor, Hollymatic
has created a meat saw that will stop the
blade 10 times faster than the blink of
an eye. The new saw effectively stops the
blade in .040 seconds with no damage to
the saw. According to Victor Guynn, director
of engineering at Hollymatic, "The inertia of
the wheels, the driving force behind the
blade, was the first challenge we
needed to address."
"Normally the wheels are
17 lbs. to 20 lbs. a piece
and they're spinning about 1100
rpm," Guynn says. "You have to
find a big enough motor to stop
that inertia once it starts spinning.
We were able to find a proprietary
motor that we had made for us.
Then we coupled it with a gearbox to gain more torque."
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Hollymatic -- 2018

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