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Along with the camera's speed of processing, the saw's exclusive visual glove detection system detects a special colored glove
worn by the operator. Once the camera
detects the glove in a predetermined zone,
the system activates the braking mechanism
to stop the blade immediately, greatly reducing unintended or inadvertent contact with
the blade. The operator can wear cotton or
rubber gloves that are verified by the patentpending detection system before every start
up to ensure proper personal protective
equipment (PPE) is being worn.
Hollymatic's Defender 4000 Band Saw fulfills
a need in the meat processing and packing
industry for the next level of safety. For
decades the industry viewed the dangers
of processing floors as the nature of the
business. Hollymatic's development of the
Defender 4000 and the adoption of new
attitudes by companies such as Tyson Fresh
Meats have begun to shift those views and
change that culture.

Band saws in the meat processing industry
possess many inherent dangers and pose a
serious threat to both worker safety and food
safety throughout the nation's meat and
poultry processing plants. The use of a band
saw to cut meat creates an environment
wherein the slightest misstep has the

potential for injury and the amputation of
fingers or hands.
The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) issued a California processor
a citation after an investigation into an amputation revealed a guarding violation had
occurred. While cutting meat, the employee
neglected to adjust the guard, which was
just two inches above the product. OSHA issued a Connecticut processor multiple citations after an employee at the plant lost control of the meat and cut through the three
middle fingers on his left hand.
The US Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) reports
injury and illness rates for the meatpacking
industry are three times higher than the national average with amputations by blades
among the most serious. A 2016 OSHA report
ranks animal slaughtering and processing
eighth among all industries for the highest
number of severe injuries. The same report
states that numbers may actually be higher.
"OSHA believes that many injuries-perhaps
50 percent or more-are not being reported.
We base this conclusion on several factors
including injury claim numbers provided to
us by state workers' compensation programs."
While amputations from band saws continue to threaten worker and food safety, it's

In the Blink of an Eye,
A Meat Saw Can Do Serious Harm
Be Prepared. Improve Worker Safety.
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