Hollymatic -- 2018 - 5

"To keep people safe, sometimes you have to
spend money and there are benefits to that,"
Stouffer says. "Sometimes they're not direct
benefits, they're indirect benefits, but they're
benefits nonetheless."
The money that processors and packers
might save by avoiding injuries and illnesses,
especially amputations, doesn't stop with
medical expenses. Consequences from
fines to a reputation for not caring about

its employees and knowledge that such
accidents could have been avoided all play
a vital role in the push for worker safety.
"It's not about money, it's about taking care
of the people," Stouffer says.
Increasing the bottom line will always drive
business no matter the industry. However,
when it comes to meat processing and packing, there's a greater purpose for worker safety.

Other benefits of the
Hollymatic Defender
4000 Band Saw
*The braking mechanism does not damage the blade or
the saw. After a short cool down period the saw can be
restarted and put back into operation. In other words,
no blade changes are necessary.
*Coded safety interlocking sensors allow the braking
system to engage immediately when either the upper
wheel door or lower wheel door is opened.
*When the saw is stopped, the pneumatic blade guard
automatically lowers, reducing the risk of inadvertent
contact with a stationary blade.

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Hollymatic -- 2018

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