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citations after an employee at the plant lost
control of the meat and cut through the three
middle fingers on his left hand.
The US Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS)
reported injury and illness rates for the
meatpacking industry are three times higher
than the national average with amputations
by blades among the most serious.
According to OSHA severe injuries in meat
packing plants might be higher than what
are actually reported.
While amputations from
saws continue to threaten
worker and food safety,
it's important to note that
worker safety initiatives and
programs in the industry
have lowered the incidence
of occupational injuries and
Roughly seven years ago,
" It's not about money,
it's about taking
care of the people, "
Stouffer says.
Tyson Fresh Meats Inc. and its
then president, Steve Stouffer,
were part of a conscientious
decision on the part of Tyson
Foods to " fix worker safety. "
The company would accept some shortterm
sacrifices in the name of long-term
" When we were given that cart blanche to
head down that path, we in the fresh meat
side of the equation in particular, jumped in
with both feet, " Stouffer says.
However, it would not be an easy task, it
would require a considerable shift in culture.
The attitude throughout the meatpacking
industry needed to change. The historical
mindset has been that meat processing
is inherently dangerous, but thanks to
companies like Tyson and Hollymatic,
that culture has changed and continues
to evolve through initiatives, programs,
machines and the equipment necessary to
process and produce meat and poultry.
" People still get hurt and still get illnesses, "
Stouffer says. " So we've got to continue to
strive. Our goal is to get to zero. "
A Band Saw with the ability to significantly
decrease cuts and amputations represents
an investment well worth the cost. Tyson's
Dakota Dunes, South Dakota, plant and
other Tyson plants around the country have
all implemented multiple
Defender Band Saws.
Another large producer has
multiple Defender PC1500s
in its facility as well.
The Defender's
detection system
verifies the
operator is wearing
PPE before
every start.
" A lot of the
manufacturers of the
original Poultry Cutters
are not making them
because of the liability,
because they are so
dangerous, " Guynn says.
" The PC1500 is a nice
compact manual unit. A
lot of poultry producers are
automated throughout the
entire plant, so any kind of broken birds or

Safer Saws - Hollymatic 2022

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