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anything that can't be done automatically
normally gets sent to the Poultry Cutter, to
the manual saw. It's a good little niche unit to
have in a larger automated facility. "
The PC1500 features a 2 HP servo motor, 230V
or 460V/60Hz./3 Phase, 2.0 running Amp with
standard 9 " cutting blades. All components
are rated Nema 4X or higher IP.
" To keep people safe, sometimes you have
to spend money and there are benefits to
that, " Stouffer says. " Sometimes they're not
direct benefits, they're indirect benefits, but
they're benefits nonetheless. "
The money that processors and packers
might save by avoiding injuries and illnesses,
especially amputations, doesn't stop with
medical expenses. Consequences from
fines to a reputation for not caring about
its employees and knowledge that such
accidents could have been avoided all play
a vital role in the push for worker safety.
" It's not about money, it's about taking care
of the people, " Stouffer says.
Other benefits of the Hollymatic Defender
4000 Band Saw and PC1500 Poultry Cutter
* The braking mechanism does not damage the
blade or the saw. After a short cool down period
the saw can be re-started and put back into
operation. In other words, no blade changes are
* Coded safety interlocking sensors allow the
braking system to engage immediately when
either the upper wheel door or lower wheel door
is opened.
* When the saw is stopped, the pneumatic blade
guard automatically lowers, reducing the risk of
inadvertent contact with a stationary blade.
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Safer Saws - Hollymatic 2022

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