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that reach across these trends. And, with the
pandemic, the trends toward sustainability
and health and wellness have experienced
heightened importance.
" Even before the pandemic, consumers
were taking control of their diet and nutrition,
choosing foods perceived as healthier or betterfor-you, "
says Mike DiMarcello, global strategic
marketing director of starch-based texturizers.
" Now they are significantly more connected,
informed and concerned about the impact of
their purchase decisions, on themselves, their
family and the environment. "
Carolyn Phillips, senior manager of insights,
Americas, says, " There is also growing interest
in healthful eating. In the U.S., this is driving
consumer interest in healthy food and
beverages that support immunity and digestive
health. Consumers continue to want foods and
beverages that are a good source of protein
and fiber, and they want food and beverage
products that are perceived as natural and
contain less sugar.
" We also see that the desire for transparency
has expanded the clean label trend beyond
its health focus (e.g., clean, simple, 'natural'
ingredients) to include environmental and
ethical aspects, " says Phillips. " We anticipate
more food and beverage packages to call out
specific information around sourcing, use of
recycled and recyclable materials, and to make
reduced waste claims. We also expect more
brands to mention their involvement in human
and animal causes on-pack. "
When it comes to the environment, that
means different things to different people.
For some, it's transparency, and for others, it
is reducing waste. And for many, it factors in
some element of safeguarding the welfare of
humans, animals and the planet.
" To take innovation to the next level
and advance your brand using 360 Value,
connect with us through either our
our dedicated sales or technical service
representatives, " says Thiyagarajan.

Ingredion - Helping Brands Do More

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