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Top drivers in plant-based meat
alternative to
animal meat
Reduce the
amount of meat
I consume
Like the
sustainable than
animal meat
motivator, as 59% of consumers cited that reason
in a recent study from global ingredient solutions
provider Ingredion. Meanwhile, more than
half (51%) said they want to reduce the amount
of meat they consume, while 45% reported
they like the flavor of meat analogues and 41%
believe these products are more sustainable than
animal meat. Over a third (35%) indicated that
variety plays a part, as they are simply looking
for a change of pace. " Consumers are driven to
the category by aspirational behavior, but the
need to balance nutrition, taste and brand trust
is becoming even more important, " says Karen
Constanza, Meat & Plant-Based Meat Marketing
Manager at Ingredion.
Market research also underscores the point
that expectations are high when it comes to
products that replace or complement animalbased
proteins. Even as sustainability and
health and wellness are growing factors in food
choices, eating experience remains the ultimate
driver. In one study, BCG found that consumers'
top two criteria for buying alternative proteins
are taste and nutritional value.
Nice change
of pace
animal welfare
The eating experience for plant-based meat
encompasses a variety of attributes, many of
which mirror the eating experience for animalbased
proteins. Appearance, flavor, texture and
mouthfeel are defining characteristics of these
products, but are typically challenging to achieve
in balance when using non-meat components,
including plant-based ingredients. In short,
consumers know when an alternative meat
product tastes just right - and are keenly aware
when it does not.
Taste becomes even more crucial considering
the impact of persistent inflation on consumers.
If people are buying products such as vegan,
vegetarian and analogue plant-based meat
instead of value-oriented traditional proteins, the
payoff of satisfaction and better-for-you benefits
must be notable for a repeat experience. " This
is an exciting time to be developing in the food
industry. The alt meat space is still relatively
new and as much as brands want to be first on
supermarket shelves, we can see what happens
when a product is launched, tried and then
rejected by consumers. We are here to help our

Ingredion - Meat Your Match

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