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" We need to also take into account the
manufacturing challenges that come along
when formulating these products. We have
to make sure when we are formulating a
plant-based meat that it stays together
during processing, that it doesn't stick to the
equipment and that it is going survive the entire
distribution chain. "
- Karen Constanza, Meat & Plant-Based Meat
Marketing Manager, Ingredion.
customers bring their concepts to fruition with
end products that are enticing and encourage
that repeat purchase, " says Corie Williams, Sr.
Manager, Global Strategic Marketing for Food
Systems at Ingredion.
Formula for Success
While demand comes from many corners of
the marketplace, there is no " one size fits all "
solution to replicating the eating experience of
animal meat with alternative meat. What works
for a burger patty, for example, is decidedly
different than a formulation for a sausage, fish
stick or steak-like product. That's true across the
alt protein spectrum, with solutions created to
replace or evoke beef, pork, chicken, seafood
and other traditional species-based proteins.
Achieving the proper - and ultimately
* 47% of U.S. consumers have
upped their plant-based meat
consumption over the past
year because it is healthy and
environmentally and ethically
responsible and their lifestyle and/
or needs have changed.
(Source: Innova Category Survey, 2022)
* 84% of plant-based meat eaters want
those products to emulate animal
meat. (Source: Ingredion research, 2022)
* 69% of plant-based meat consumers
think plant-based meat is a healthier
option compared to animal meat.
(Source: Ingredion research, 2022)
appealing - experience for a particular product
requires a comprehensive understanding of what
contributes to specific flavors, textures, colors,
clean labels, nutritional profiles and how to build
them in tandem. Because formulation does not
exist in a proverbial vacuum, food developers
must also take into account their own production
needs, including cost and operational
As experts that leverage insights, formulation
solutions, ingredient positioning and more,
Ingredion's teams partner with companies and
brands to create alternate meats that resonate
with end users. In addition to providing effective
ingredients for these products, the global
supplier offers a range of resources that bring the
right products to market, quickly.
Whiteboard to Reality
Having a partner that brings holistic expertise
to the table keeps formulation in-house

Ingredion - Meat Your Match

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