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for an easier R&D process and accelerates
development from brainstorm to finished
product. Whether a food company is working
on a new or optimized SKU, they can take
advantage of Ingredion's integrated solutions
to deliver on many aspects of a satisfying and
innovative plant-based meat alternative.
Nutrition: Plant-based ingredients can
enhance nutritional content and encompass a
variety of nutrient-dense protein sources, such
as peas, faba beans and lentils, among others.
Sourced and produced in North America,
Ingredion's protein sources are available in
different formats for applications, including
structured vegetable protein (SVP), isolate
and concentrate, and are clean label, non-GM
sourced and gluten free. From pea starches to
pulse flours and more, items in the plant-based
portfolio are cost optimized to meet a host of
formulation standards.
Texture: To solve common but tricky
challenges with texture and cohesiveness,
texturizing agents can be added to formulations
to get the right bite, firmness, flakiness and/
or mouthfeel. Proteins, along with starches
and hydrocolloids, work in tandem to increase
binding and cold temperature stability and also
provide fat release and lubricity. Both traditional
and clean label texturizer systems are available.
Color: Fruit and vegetable concentrates under
the Kerr from Ingredion line impart color as well
as flavor and texture characteristics in plantbased
meat applications.
Labels: Information-seeking consumers
want to know more about their foods and are
taking a look - and often making decisions
on - labels. Ingredion's experts work with
customers to guide their formulation process,
taking into consideration the factors required for
a stable product and helping developers create

Ingredion - Meat Your Match

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