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Cake Flavor Trends
– Episode 7
In this video, Dawn’s Busy Bakery explores the latest flavor trends in cakes, including a renewed interest by bakery shoppers in comfort foods. Dawn’s new Bakery Comforts line (7-inch double-layer S’Mores, Chocolate Marshmallow and Thin Mint cakes, and 7-inch single layer Chocolate Brownie Sundae and Caramel Nut Brownie Sundae) are perfect items reflecting the comfort foods trend, and incorporating that homemade feeling. Key flavor trends in the cake category range from citrus to tres leches cakes, which are widely popular with America’s fast-growing Hispanic population. Tres leches cakes are sponge cakes soaked with three milks – cream, evaporated milk and condensed milk – and then covered with whipped topping and fresh fruits. Mark Bastian, Key Account Representative for Dawn, explains how tres leches cakes are made in this video. “(Hispanics) use the most popular tropical fruits: pineapple, bananas and strawberries,” Bastian explains.

Everyday Cakes
– Episode 8
In this video, Dawn’s Busy Bakery looks at the latest trends with Everyday Cakes. Examples of Everyday Cakes are single layer cake, brownie cake, sliced loaf cake, and carrot cake. According to the Dawn 360, 40% of shoppers are buying Everyday Cakes from the instore bakery. Research from the Dawn 360 also reveals that 49% of shoppers are buying Everyday Cakes at least once a month. “So you have to have these cakes in stock, on hand, ready to sell because folks are looking for them,” Chip Potter says. Bakery shoppers are also looking for indulgence when shopping for cakes. Indulgent Cakes have a lot to do with the ingredients, according to Mark Bastian of Dawn. Indulgent Cakes can be enrobed in ganache, filled with chocolate mousse, or made with imported chocolate. “Indulgent also doesn’t have to be this big cake,” Bastian explains. “A nice small cake can be indulgent that is something you serve to your family.”

“ I n s i g h t s . E x p e r i e nce. Dawn.”

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