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TIPS N MORE TREND EVOLUTION Dawn’s Busy Bakery Season 2 is based on the Dawn 360, a proprietary research study from Dawn Food Products that takes a full view of what’s happening in the bakery industry. The Dawn 360 is a comprehensive study that examines the hottest new trends among consumers, bakeries, restaurants and grocery stores. The Season 2 series takes a comprehensive look at how a trend develops in the bakery – from Evolution to Adoption to Proliferation to Ubiquity. Key fl trends in avor category r the cake citrus to t ange from res leches cakes. 1. Adoption 2. Proliferation 3. Ubiquity 4. Inception – when fine dining chefs come up with a great idea. Nearly half s per (49%) of shopryday are buying Eveonce a t Cakes at leasrding to month, acco 360 the Dawn research. – when casual dining grabs hold of that idea and starts to bring it to life. – when quick service takes the idea, and you begin to see the food trend in more and more locations. – when the idea becomes ubiquitous, and you see it in stores every day. | inStorebuyer | June 2011 | 4 |

inStorebuyer - June 2011

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inStorebuyer - June 2011
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