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baking&decorating TRENDS IN BAKING & FINISHING Donut Creative 31.3% of consumers responded that they were very interested when asked if gourmet donuts would make them visit the instore bakery more often. And IDDBA’s What’s in Store 2012 reports that donuts are the second most popular bakery item with consumers. Donuts also made The Food Channel’s list of Top Dessert Trends in 2011 as a fresher idea to replace the wedding cake at receptions. The Nielsen Perishables Group showed US donut sales up at 3.9% growth and representing the highest percentage of breakfast bakery share dollars in the 52 weeks ending May 28, 2011 at 34.1%. The highest sales increase occurred in the East region at 8.1%. The only decrease in sales was 0.6% in the West region. Ride the wave of donut success to generate revenue and gain new customers in the process. So when offering an indulgence, make it as appealing as possible, have fun with it and, if possible, sway doubters by offering a healthier donut. Purveyors of the historically unhealthy varieties of donuts have embraced its bad reputation, and like the hedonist rock star, taken it on with pride, shoving it in the face of those who try to stamp it out and wearing it like a badge of honor. However, room still exists for donut offerings that attempt to maintain a movement toward something healthier. Follow the trends Independent retail donut shops lead the way in innovative production methods, flavors and finishing. Gourmet, ethnic variations, glutenfree and sometimes just plain crazy donuts grow more and more popular in today’s bakery landscape. While independent retailers might possess certain advantages in terms of fillings and production, instore bakeries can easily compete when it comes to finishing. Brent Vagedes, technical counselor at Rich Products Corp., suggests using interesting toppings and icings to easily follow these trends. A longjohn, vertically striped with vanilla, chocolate and strawberry icings will catch customers’ eyes and offer their taste buds a more complex flavor Donuts have joined the world of culinary art. Google “donut,” and you’re bound to find any number of independent retail shops that offer infinite flavor combinations. Some have been created by formally trained pastry chefs; some are just thought up by entrepreneurs looking to separate themselves from the competition. A portion are even created for the health-conscious. Attitude Donuts represent one of the ultimate indulgences. Traditionally, they possess absolutely no nutritional value, and health-conscious consumers as a whole have shunned them for some time. But therein lays the beauty of the donut. Even the most dedicated fitness and diet experts say that occasionally allowing indulgences in moderation is a key component to succeeding in health and fitness goals. Donuts sell According to the International Dairy-Deli-Bakery Association’s Innovation Trends, Attitudes, and Opportunities report, in August 2011, more than | 16 | inStorebuyer | April 2012 |

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