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editor’snote APR 12 | VOL 8 | ISSUE 3 INSIGHT FOR BUSINESS ON THE RISE EDITORIAL STAFF John Unrein | Editor Joanie Spencer | Managing Editor Bob Sims | Staff Writer Timmy Trabon | Online Editor Cayce Richardson | Senior Designer SALES STAFF Troy Ashby Associate Publisher/Sales Lily O’Kane Classified Sales Representative PUBLISHING STAFF Charles S. Sosland Chairman L. Joshua Sosland Vice-chairman Mark Sabo President & Publishing Director John Sonderegger Publisher Melanie Hepperly Vice-President & Chief Financial Officer Don Keating Audience Development Director Sadowna Conarroe Design Services Manager Steve Piatt Classified Designer Dana Holt Manager of Directories & Databases Carrie Fluegge Director of On-line Advertising & Promotions Jon Hall Director of e-Business Nora Wages Advertising Manager Sharon Alexander Advertising Materials Coordinator Marj Potts Digital Systems Analyst Becky White Manager of Advertising Design Judy Arnone Circulation Manager Taré Torres Promotions Manager The Fresh Factor For the fourth consecutive year, the National Grocers Association Consumer Panel Report showed a decline in the percentage of shoppers who rated low prices as being “very important” to their choice of a primary supermarket. The 2012 report, released in February, revealed 39% of consumers rated low prices as very important to this decision – down from 51% just three years ago. In another eye-opening finding, consumers in the survey reported that fresh foods (66.4%) are the primary driver of their supermarket trips, compared with shelf-stable foods (27.8%) and frozen foods (5.8%). When asked to name specific fresh foods that drive their trips, adults prioritized their preferences in the following order: produce (67.6%), meats (17.8%), dairy (4.8%), seafood (3.2%), deli (2.1%), poultry (1.5%), prepared foods (1.2%), cheeses (1.0%) and bakery (0.7%). Food shoppers certainly are being driven to the supermarket by the perimeter departments of the store. While it is disappointing to see bakery on the bottom of the list of fresh food drivers, this report should issue a challenge to the bakery department to become more relevant to everyday shoppers. It has long been known that less than 20% of supermarket shoppers on average visit the instore bakery. More needs to be done to attract those who are already in the store to shop the bakery department. Creative cross-merchandising displays throughout the perimeter of the store and a bolder statement of fresh baking done at store level (think artisan bread) are good starts. But other signs of moving away from store-level production – like a declining number of instore bakeries frying donuts at store level – are not positives for leveraging the allure of fresh baked goods. Consumers need more reasons to shop the bakery. They are already heading to the supermarket to stock up on fresh foods. It only makes sense for the industry to intensify efforts to build the bakery department into a destination. 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