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cheesecorner INNOVATIONS IN DELI CHEESE Know Your Cheese Cheese’s versatility presents endless options when preparing dishes for your instore foodservice and catering. Decoratively cubed for cold salads, blended and melted into signature dips and the mainstay scalloped potatoes and macaroni and cheese give your instore a base of offerings that sell well regularly. When cooking — or preparing cold dishes — with cheese, it’s important to develop best practices that make the process efficient and give you the best chances for the biggest profits. grow and evolve, providing a variety of healthy options to customers is becoming increasingly important to the supermarket industry. While cheese is often considered a fatty product, its rich and strong flavors can still be used in healthful dishes. Cold dishes like pasta salad or tomato salad give customers the opportunity for healthier purchases from the prepared foods case and utilize cheese at the same time. Mozzarella naturally contains less fat. This immediately gives instore foodservice a healthier cold option for customers who like cheese but are shopping for low-fat dishes. “We sell a lot of our fresh mozzarella and tomato salad, and you can change up whether it’s basil pesto or sun-dried tomato pesto, or maybe a balsamic vinaigrette,” says Chef Richard Babcock of Des Moines, IA-based HyVee grocery stores. “We have a couple other pasta salads where we use an array of cheeses. It might be Muenster, cheddar or pepper jack, small-cubed in different pastas which are really popular also.” When preparing the cold cheese offerings, presenting the cheese within the dish gives you variances without technically cooking it. When deciding how to use and shape cheese in cold sides, think about what the rest of the ingredients look like and Cold salads With the population of healthconscious shoppers continuing to Tips for Cooking with Cheese • A little flavor goes a long way, so try using just a bit of piquant aged cheese for big flavor impact. · Combining cheese with other ingredients mellows flavor, so when adding to a dish, try experimenting with new flavorful cheeses. · Think of cheese as a condiment—try sprinkling just a bit of flavorful cheese such as feta, aged cheddar, Parmigiano Reggiano, blue cheese or other aged cheeses on salads and soups. · Save rinds from hard cheeses like Parmigiano Reggiano and toss them into a pot of stock, soup or tomato sauce for a dose of rich flavor. · Boost the flavors of fruits, vegetables, greens and grains by adding a little bit of cheese to finished dishes. | 42 | inStorebuyer | April 2012 |

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