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foodserviceretail APPETIZING IDEAS FOR PREPARED FOODS Minimize Sandwiches for Maximum Appeal Remember “Shrinky Dinks” toys — a special kind of plastic film that kids could cut out, paint, pop into the oven and watch them shrink to a third their size? While high tech gadgets have all but replaced this classic kids’ craft, the concept is alive and well in foodservice, in the form of mini sandwiches and sliders — “shrunken” versions of burgers and sandwiches. Mini sandwiches might not be a stranger to your deli, especially on sandwich trays and catering menus. But with the rise in popularity of tapas and small plates — smaller versions of full entrees — now is the time to bring mini sandwiches and sliders to the forefront of your prepared foods menu. According to a consumer survey from the National Restaurant Association, half portions, or smaller entrée portions at a lower price point, made the Top 20 Hot Culinary Trends of 2011. Think about it: Downsizing appeals to both health and value, with better portion control and a budget-friendly price. Sandwiches already have the convenience factor working for them, so offering these staple items in a smaller format can only add benefit in the consumer’s eye. When served as a flight, or tasting menu, mini versions of sandwiches and burgers can also cater to consumers’ need for customizability. “Deli consumers want customizable convenience, ‘ownership’ over deli dishes they assemble, but don’t necessarily prepare, and foods with ethnic influences,” according to the International Dairy-Deli-Bakery Association’s What’s in Store 2012. Use a “slider flight” option to meet this need. Give customers an option to “mixand-match” a number of sliders. For instance, offer a mini surf-and-turf slider three-pack that includes one fish, one chicken and one burger. Or give your customers a world tour by minimizing three gourmet ethnic varieties, such as one Hispanic and one Italian sandwich, along with a classic American mini burger. You can also offer consumers a choice by simply giving them a “mini” option for each custom sandwich you offer on your menu. Miniature versions of sandwich burgers also create an option for a meal occasion outside of traditional lunch and dinner. In fact, according to What’s in Store, the line between snacks and meals is one that continues to blur. Minis and sliders offer a choice for customers who are looking for the quality of an entrée in a snack-sized portion. JOANIE SPENCER Miniaturize a Signature When you create smaller sizes of signature sandwiches, you cater to those who want the gourmet experience without the “other stuff” sides that usually tag along. Give these downsized versions of your signatures a fun, hip name to add appeal. So turn a mini ham and cheese into the “Jamon Espanol” to give it small-plate and ethnic appeal. Ingredients 2 x Ciabatta bread 3” square, split 2 oz Cheese, goat , softened 3 oz Jamon Serrano, or jamon Iberico 4 slices tomato, roma 4 oz Hellmann’s Garlic Aioli Directions Spread 1 ciabatta bottom with 1 oz goat cheese. Layer with 1.5 oz jamon Serrano and 2 tomato slices. Spread 1 ciabatta top with 2 oz Hellmann’s Garlic Aioli; place on top of tomato. Repeat to make another sandwich; serve immediately. Source: Unilever Sandwich Pro, | 10 | inStorebuyer | June 2012 |

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inStorebuyer - June 2012
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