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bakerydevelopment DATA ANALYSIS AND CATEGORY MANAGEMENT Pies sold within the instore bakery continued to sell well over the past year. The popularity of the smallerportioned mini pies was evident, as their sales grew by double-digits compared to the prior year. Nationally, dollar sales of pies accounted for an average of 6.2% of bakery department sales per week per store during the 52 weeks ending March 31, 2012, down 0.1 percentage point compared to the prior year. Over the last five years*, pie sales have grown 0.7% year-over-year. Across the US, the category averaged dollar sales of $654 per week per store, an increase of 2.4% from $638 the prior year. The top week for pie sales occurred the week of Thanksgiving with $3,713, more than five times the annual average weekly dollar sales. Sales also peaked the weeks leading up to Christmas ($1,563) and New Year’s ($1,085). The primary growth drivers for each of these weeks were specialty/gourmet pies, open face pies and fruit pies. The East region had the highest per-store dollar average with $919 per week, followed by the Central region ($773), the West ($604) and the South ($531). Focusing on the dollar growth of pies, sales in the West declined 1% while they increased in the other regions. Growth rates were 3.8% in the East, 3.7% in the South and 1.9% in the Central region. Dollar Seek New Opportunities with Pies growth for pies surpassed that of the entire bakery department in the East and South regions. Increases in the average number of unique items on store shelves in these regions helped drive category growth. The South was the only region where the pies category contribution to the bakery department increased compared to the prior year, up 0.1 percentage point. Declines in contribution occurred in the West, -0.3 percentage points, and Central region, -0.1 percentage points, while it remained flat in the East. The highest contribution to bakery department sales was in the Central region (6.8%), followed by the South (6.3%), the East (6.2%) and the West (5.8%). Nationally, specialty/gourmet pies led sales with 29.9% dollar share of the category, followed by fruit pizzas at 23.6%, open face pies at 14.1%, mini/sliced/half pies at 9.4%, cream/ custard pies at 7.8%, tarts at 7.6%, meringue pies at 4.8% and lattice pies at 2.3%. Other pies — which include mincemeat pies — rounded out the category at 0.6%. Mini/sliced/half pies and open face pies gained 0.7 and 0.3 dollar share points, respectively, at the expense of specialty/gourmet pies and fruit pies. This trend was driven by increases in the average number of unique items on store shelves for these two pie types. Figure 1 Total US Pie Sub-category Share 52 Weeks Ending 3/31/12 Open Face Pies: 14.1% Mini/Sliced Pies: 9.4% Cream/Custard Pies: 7.8% 23.6% Fruit Pies Tarts: 7.6% Meringue Pies: 4.8% Lattice Pies: 2.3% Other Pies: 0.6% 29.9% Specialty/ Gourmet Pies | 18 | inStorebuyer | June 2012 |

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inStorebuyer - June 2012
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