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Foods of the Decade You’ll be surprised to know what consumers are really eating, and what it means for bakery/deli. Find out here. by John Unrein When it comes to eating habits, consumers are fickle. You might think, for instance, people are eating more cake today, based on the 10 or more shows now dedicated to cake making and decorating on national television. Harry Balzer, who’s studied consumption habits for more than 30 years and is one of the foremost authorities on America’s eating patterns as chief industry analyst for The NPD Group, has the data to prove otherwise. “People are not eating more cake,” says Balzer, who revealed key insights on consumer eating trends at a May 2 presentation during the Food Marketing Institute’s 2012 Food Retail Show in Dallas, TX. Sharing exclusive data from NPD’s annual Eating Patterns in America research, Balzer pointed out 43% of Americans ate cake at least once in two weeks during 2011— the same percentage as in 2005. Over the past 15 years, Americans ate cake most often in 1997 (52%) and least often in 2010 (42%). So what about cupcakes? Are we eating more of these hand-held sweet treats? Nope, Balzer says. NPD’s research shows 5% of Americans were eating cupcakes at least once in two weeks in 2011 — the same percentage as in 1997. The all-time high was 6% in 2009. What this insight shows is that perception is not reality when it comes to understanding where consumer eating trends are heading. year 2000, according to Eating Patterns in America. So what’s driving the yogurt trend? And what implications are there for bakery and deli? “Yogurt is popular because it’s a meal in itself,” Balzer says. “It’s breakfast, lunch or dinner. You don’t have to prepare it, and you don’t need a recipe.” Further, women remain the primary food shopper in America, and they don’t have time to cook. Yogurt Figure 1 Americans Who Eats Yogur t At a Least Once Every Two Weeks 32% 32% 18 5 18.5% Women 2012 2000 Source: The NPD Group Food of the decade “The real change in American eating over the last decade is yogurt,” Balzer says. “Nothing comes close to it.” Thirty million more people are eating yogurt now compared to the 44% 44% 36% 6 Children 24% 24% Men | 24 | inStorebuyer | June 2012 |

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inStorebuyer - June 2012
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