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Know Your Loyal Customers Loyalty programs provide retailers with more than just an opportunity to offer lower prices for repeat customers. by Bob Sims Loyalty programs certainly provide good deals to regular customers in exchange for repeat business. The practice of giving loyal customers better deals is as old as doing business itself, but as business practices progress, evolve and innovate, the customer loyalty model also adapts, especially with technological advances. Today’s loyalty programs track and record purchases and build customer profiles based on this data. These profiles help a retailer to better understand its customers and develop marketing and advertising strategies to target each customer specifically. Customer segmentation Stores under the Supervalu banner use LoyaltyOne’s Precima customer-centric analytics solution to develop a multi-dimensional customer segmentation. LoyaltyOne has more than 20 years in the business of leveraging data-driven insights to develop and operate effective loyalty programs and customer-centric solutions. The US grocer plans to strengthen and expand its customer-driven marketing, merchandising and operations strategy through the Precima product. “Our shoppers will benefit most from this strategic pick as we enrich their shopping experience and focus more on the customer as we make key business decisions,” says Wesley Story, vice president, customer insight and loyalty for Supervalu Group. “Precima’s approach to building a customer segmentation strategy grounded in insights that combine behavioral analysis with market data research will result in innovative programs across all facets of our enterprise that are relevant and more personalized to our customers.” Precima looks forward to providing insight into Supervalu’s customers and what’s important to them, says Brian Ross, president of Precima. “We’ll identify why Supervalu | 24 | inStorebuyer | October 2012 |

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inStorebuyer - October 2012
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Front Line News - Kroger Unveils Simple Truth Brand
Walmart Teaches Healthy Habits
The Safeway Foundation Airs Cancer Awareness PSA
Food Service Retail - The New Family Mealtime
Baking & Decorating - Breakfast on the Run
Bakery Development - Donut Growth
Deli Development - Deli Meats Grow Dollars, Lose Volume
The Fun Zone
Know Your Loyal Customers
Packaging Innovation - Tackling Food Tampering
Package to Show
Health & Nutrition - Portion Control
Cheese Corner - Spreadable Cheese
Product Trends
Product Showcase
Marketplace Network

inStorebuyer - October 2012