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packaginginnovation NEW IDEAS IN CONVENIENCE Tackling Food Tampering Retailers want to protect the foods and products they sell to their consumers. Not only is it just good business, but consumers also expect the food they buy and feed to their families to be safe. Supermarket delis, bakeries and foodservice counters present special circumstances, as the products are most often made and packaged onsite or repacked by those departments. This special situation requires attention because products become more vulnerable to food tampering. he says. “It happened right in the store, broad daylight, at 10 a.m. It happens every day. You’d be surprised.” The bakery manager had no choice but to clear off the whole table. Not sure whether any — or all — of the products became contaminated, he couldn’t take the risk. All of the products on the table had to be removed. Perhaps, with tamper evident packaging, the removal of all the products on the table could have been avoided. By being able to look at a package and know whether it has been opened, some of that product could have been saved, thus saving the loss of profit on any of the goods in which the packaging had not been breached. a mainstay, and customers know and are used to seeing them. They give the consumer security in appearance and feel, but not in tampering and safety. But with the increased emphasis on food safety that has been adopted in response to product recalls, retailers are trying to ensure food safety in every step of the process. It starts when receiving the foods from the supplier and continues by ensuring that consumers do not contaminate products by opening packages and sampling the food, says Jack Tilley, market analyst for Inline Plastics. “Tamper resistant/evident packaging is increasingly needed to meet these goals,” he says. Tampering happens Jeff Rebh, CEO of Innoseal Systems Inc., describes a situation where he and a bakery manager witnessed a man tampering with bread packaging. “I actually saw a gentleman walk into a bakery of a major food chain and open up a bread bag, take several slices and try to leave the store,” Tampering with tradition Wire ties and plastic locks continue to dominate the packaging of breads and bakery bread bags. They are Available options Tamper evident packaging exists for retailers who wish to incorporate it. “The Innoseal itself is tamper evident,” I actually saw a gentleman walk into a bakery of a major food chain and open up a bread bag, take several slices and try to leave the store. Jeff Rebh, CEO, Innoseal Systems, Inc. | 28 | inStorebuyer | October 2012 |

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inStorebuyer - October 2012
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inStorebuyer - October 2012