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cheesecorner INNOVATIONS IN DELI CHEESE Spreadable Cheese Snacking now accounts for one out of every five eating occasions in the US, and more than half of Americans are snacking two or three times a day. New research from The NPD Group also reveals that this increased snacking has led to fewer items at the dinner table. The average American consumes 4.1 food and beverage items at dinner, compared with 5.3 items in 1985, according to NPD’s new Snacking in America 2012 report. Spreadable cheese stands to gain significantly from this ongoing trend because consumers are eating more often throughout the day, rather than all at once. People are spreading cheese on crackers, pretzels and other bakery snacks for a boost of energy any time of day. One of the more unusual food sightings within culinary circles in the past six months is the chocolate chip cookie sandwich with spreadable cheese in the middle. Make it interesting, and you never know what your customers will try. Helping your cause, gourmet spreadable cheeses are coming out in new flavors, adding a little spice to America’s snacking trend. Peppercorn & Parmesan, Chipotle & Tomato, and Pumpkin & Spice are flavorful examples of gourmet spreadable cheeses available in President Cheese’s rondelé brand. for special events and gatherings. Encourage consumers to use a variety of trays and serving plates, including a three-tiered plate, to present your cheeses and appetizers, according to President Cheese. • Displaying little cards with the name of the cheese and a brief description is a nice accent and a valuable help for guests during the party. Make sure to print nicely designed table cards (available from President Cheese) with information about each cheese. • Don’t forget about the music. Or the flowers. Or the candles. Or all of the above, as they will help make your party a fabulous event that will have your guests raving while they’re there, and long after they’ve gone. Extra touches Your deli and cheese shop can help spur impulse purchases of spreadable cheese by offering suggestions | 36 | inStorebuyer | October 2012 |

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inStorebuyer - October 2012
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inStorebuyer - October 2012