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BUSINESS 18 The Fun Zone There was a time when the average consumer rated a trip to the supermarket as more painful than a visit to the dentist, but at New York City-based Fairway Market, you’ll hear words like “amazing” and “spectacular.” Know Your Loyal Customers Today’s loyalty programs track and record purchases and build customer profiles based on this data. These profiles help a retailer develop marketing and advertising strategies to target each customer specifically. ON THE COVER New York City-based Fairway Market flips over giving customers fun reasons to shop. With a festival-like atmosphere, customers see shopping at Fairway Market as an event rather than a household chore. (page 18) 24 CATEGORY MANAGEMENT 12 Bakery Development Perishables Group reports on the latest trends in donuts. Deli Development Perishables Group reports on the latest trends in deli meats. 16 TRENDS 34 Portion Control Your bakery, deli or foodservice operation can help customers control their portion sizes by utilizing this serving-size cheat-sheet from the National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute. Spreadable Cheese Summer may be over, but fall tailgating offers a prime opportunity for spreadable cheese promotions. Try promoting robust flavors of spreadable pub cheese as perfect pairings to go with burgers, brats and barbecue. 06 08 10 12 16 28 34 36 39 DEPARTMENTS Frontline News Foodservice Baking & Decorating Bakery Development Deli Development Packaging Innovation Health & Nutrition Cheese Corner Product Trends 36 contents

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inStorebuyer - October 2012
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Front Line News - Kroger Unveils Simple Truth Brand
Walmart Teaches Healthy Habits
The Safeway Foundation Airs Cancer Awareness PSA
Food Service Retail - The New Family Mealtime
Baking & Decorating - Breakfast on the Run
Bakery Development - Donut Growth
Deli Development - Deli Meats Grow Dollars, Lose Volume
The Fun Zone
Know Your Loyal Customers
Packaging Innovation - Tackling Food Tampering
Package to Show
Health & Nutrition - Portion Control
Cheese Corner - Spreadable Cheese
Product Trends
Product Showcase
Marketplace Network

inStorebuyer - October 2012