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prod c r en ds pr od uc t tr e n d s oduc nd dairy B old cheese flavors are spicing up the market as consumers The local movement sweeping food retail is more pronounced than seek out exciting varieties with backstories and clean labels, ever in cheese. Locally-produced products are growing in importance according to What’s in Store, the annual trends publication of at the cheese counter. While it can be challenging to source local the International Dairy-Deli-Bakery Association (IDDBA). cheese in all markets, Euromonitor points out that the “farm-to-table” message resonates with consumers. Coupled with the trend of farm- According to Euromonitor, “US cheese consumers are becoming and estate-branded ingredients at restaurants, retailers and cheese- increasingly adventurous, and interested in trying new cheeses makers can benefit from telling the stories of the cheeses they sell. with more distinctive flavor profiles.” Bold, robust, and spicy flavors For instance, cheesemakers are using milk from grass-fed cows during continue to drive business. They include spicy cheeses with wasabi specific seasons to achieve certain flavor profiles. and cumin, as well as fruity cheeses including pear and lime. Coffee, lavender, and honey are other trendy cheese flavors. Another way cheese makers are innovating is through offering different styles of rubbed-rind cheeses. The rubbed flavors, like cocoa Consumers looking for new flavors are driving cheese growth at the or lavender, complement the cheese and offer new taste experiences service deli. Sales are up, as is the specialty cheese dollar contribution for consumers. Some cheese makers have even found that their to total deli sales. Average weekly sales of specialty cheese for the 52 rubbed-rind cheeses outsell their traditional cheeses. Rubs added weeks ending Feb. 25, 2012, were $2,934. That marks an increase of 6.6% to cheese include sun-dried tomatoes, lavender, espresso, bergamot, from $2,753 per week in the 52 weeks ending Feb. 26, 2011. cocoa, vanilla, honey, black tea, cinnamon and paprika. Specialty small plates “US cheese consumers are becoming increasingly Taking the extra steps toward quality is what BelGioioso Cheese is known for, including adventurous, and interested in trying new cheeses their award-winning Burrata. The Master Cheesemakers at BelGioioso were awarded a with more distinctive flavor profiles.” total of six medals at this year’s United States Euromonitor Championship Cheese Contest in Green Bay, WI. Edoardo La Torre received a first for his fresh Burrata cheese. 30 • IDDBA DAIRY-DELI-BAKE 2013 SPECIAL EDITION • instore

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inStore - May 2013
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