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p r od u c t r e n ds pr o d uc t tr en d s oduc deli A s shoppers are increasingly drawn to convenience, offering amount of lunch meat, men are purchasing more hot meal solutions. quick, fresh, and convenient meal options in the deli has The report suggests that this poses an opportunity to cross promote never been more important. Turning away from restaurants with the two categories. and embracing deli prepared foods, this evolving consumer group is looking for grab and go items that are healthy, fresh, and fast. In addition, the deli is transitioning into both a destination for prepared With this food purchasing trend, meal options such as party platters, meals and a source for quick and convenient items. This is an opportu- prepared chicken, high-end deli meats, and ethnic cuisine options are nity for instore deli operators to cater grab-and-go items that are both gaining momentum in the deli category. convenient for shoppers in a rush who may be looking for healthy or gourmet/high-end food items. Consumer interest in prepared family-sized meal deals According to NPD, According to the Nielsen Perishables Group, the deli is noticeably a majority of the benefiting from the changing purchasing behaviors of consumers. In shopping in the fact, the Nielsen Perishables Group says that fried chicken volume deli, accounting for increased the most of any prepared chicken item, with shoppers 44% of all prepared Not at all interested 23.7 % men are completing favoring deli prepared foods opposed to restaurants. purchases. While Very interested 34 .4% It goes without saying, shoppers are looking for options that are that men and both convenient and healthy that can be enjoyed at home with their women are buying family. What is surprising is how frequently family meals are actually roughly the same Somewhat interested 41 .9 % the study reports happening. While many may think the traditional ideal of a family “Parents are making mealtimes a priority in order to share a moment with their children.” Sarah-Jane Bedwell, registered dietitian and Welch’s Health and Nutrition Advisory Panel member SOURCE: IDDBA’S INNOVATION, TRENDS, ATTITUDES, AND OPPORTUNITIES REPORT 54 • IDDBA DAIRY-DELI-BAKE 2013 SPECIAL EDITION • instore

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inStore - May 2013
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inStore - May 2013