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product trends 01 01 FIRST TO M MARKET 06 06 04 08 07 05 5 03 02 01. Lucks proudly introduces Dena’s beau- 04. Friedrich has a non-rotating single rack 07. With Schulstad Savoury pastries, deliver tiful edible collections to the world of cake oven that only occupies 50” x 34” of floor an unforgettable European taste experience. artistry. Dena’s signature products for babies, space. This oven is perfect for high production Our freezer-to-oven pastries are perfect when kids, tweens and adults are sold worldwide. or spot-baking. sold in bakeries. 05. Bake’n Joy’s PanFree muffin batters do not 02. The Hinds-Bock PLC Control System require a muffin pan for baking, making them 08. Molecule-R has added to their trending utilizes an operator interface which is recipe- the most convenient muffin batter product in product line. With Molecule-R’s Popping Sugar driven to change depositor settings by simply the market. you can make any dessert pop. Available in 1.2 entering a recipe or SKU number into the operator interface. lb and 2.8 oz packages. 06. A culinary trend with strong ties to the bakery is the use of citrus and tropical fruits. 03. Stallion Sustainable High Gluten Flour and Bring these to life by using Dawn’s line of Snoprince Sustainable Patent Bread Flour offer Mi Panadería Fillings and Glazes. quality and consistency – all while helping to save the planet. 86 • IDDBA DAIRY-DELI-BAKE 2013 SPECIAL EDITION • instore

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inStore - May 2013
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inStore - May 2013